Animal. (An Original Story)

This is my four part short story version of what is going to be my first completed novel, Animal. Some warnings though. Some of my class mates in my Fiction writing class have found this story to be "disturbing" and "messed up". I hope you will enjoy. :)

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Chapter 1

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She was just an animal the first time I saw her. A creature trapped in the beauty that enchanted me. It was too late for her to go back. Too late for me to change her and free the once beautiful girl that was there. She was just an animal, and I knew that.

The date was August 6th. I had just arrived at the door step of my very distant cousin, Alexander. He like all the others in our family, disappeared once they have received their fortunes after the passing of their parents. The money was a luxury and a curse.

I knocked again.

I heard the excited barking of a dog within the house, along with a voice it. I assumed it was Alexander's.

"Get back, Butch," I heard from the other side of the door, "go into the living room."

The dog had stopped barking, it seemed pretty obidient to Alexander.

I stepped back as I heard the locks and latches of the door turn. The door opened and in the doorway stood the tall, slender man known as Alexander. He was smiling, though he didn't know who would be standing at his front door.

"Why, hello there," he said to me.

"You are Alexander McNeil, right," I asked.

"Why, yes I am. May I ask who you are?"

He was unusually polite.

"My name is Elliot McNeil. I'm your cousin."

"Ah, Vivian's boy."

"You remember, my mother?"

"Of course. It was a shame when she passed. I am truly sorry."

So sincere.

"It's alright, but I wish I came with better news."


Time to break the news. Get ready for the tears.

"Charlie, our cousin, just recently died from an illness. You were closer to her than anyone. You and I are the only ones left. I just thought you'd like to know."

"Oh. That's a shame. A real shame. Was that all you came here to tell me?"

Not a single tear. I guess they weren't as close as I thought.

"Uh, no actually. I came here to discuss her will. She wanted you and I to get together and separate her things among us. May I come in?"

Alexander looked back into the house and back at me.

"Sure, why not."

He stepped back and let me into the house. As I stepped inside, I noticed it looked a lot bigger from the inside. The entry room was massive with spiral staircases and a chandelier that hung from the ceiling that stretch all the way up. The furniture and rugs were elegant and beautiful. And he had a very large piano sitting directly under than chandelier.

I couldn't help but say wow.

Alexander closed the door behind me and walked passed me to the piano.

"We can discuss Charlie's Will in the Library or somewhere more comfortable, like the living room," Alexander said.

I looked back at Alexander after spending so much time looking about.

"The living room is fine. This shouldn't take long."

Alexander smiled and asked me to follow him. I did. The living room was just as fancy, maybe fancier than the entry room. The couches were soft and elegant, and as I sat down, I swear I heard my butt sigh with comfort.

Alexander sat down across from me. I set my briefcase on the table and while opening it I noticed a blur move from the door of the living room to behind the couch. I looked to see what that was but nothing was there. I assumed it was my imagination.

I turned back to Alexander and took Charlie's will and my paperwork out from my briefcase.

"Now," I began to say, "the first thing to discuss is-"

I stopped. Chills slipped down my spine as I felt somethings hot, heavy breath of my neck. I shivered and slowly turned. I expected a dog staring me in my unfamiliar face but instead I stared into the drooling face of a heavy set, bald man with dog like jowls. He breathed heavily giving me a good look at his sharp teeth.

"Uh.. hello," I said.

The man didn't answer with words but more of a dog like howl, followed by several eerily realistic barks. I scooted quickly away from the man, he crept closer.

"Butch, get down," Alexander said, pulling the man away by his collar, "you know you aren't supposed to be on the couch"

"Uh... who is that?"

"Oh, sorry. This is Butch, my dog."

I looked at Alexander. He must be insane. That's no dog. That's a human being, acting like a dog. What is going on here?

"Uh, no no no no no no. That is not a dog."

"Ah, yes. It is."

"No, it's not! That's a human being."

"Yeah, I know. He's my dog."

I couldn't stay there any longer. I had to leave. I locked up my briefcase and stood up.

"You know what we can just discuss this over email. I fax you a copy of the will."

I headed to the door but, I reached for the door, Alexander push himself in front of me, blocking the way out.

"You aren't going anywhere."

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