The Past Is What Makes Us Who We Are Today.

read and you shall find out...

Chapter 1

Where to Begin..

When i think about it, a lot has changed in my life. Lost important people to me that i didn't want to lose but i did. I thought that my life would become like the movies, all happy. But i was soo far from being right. I have hide my skin from the cuts so people dont find out. I've been that girl that every one would go to for help..i kinda still am. I dont talk as much as i use to. i figured out that people really dont care about other peoples problems, well alot of people dont.

No matter what...i come off to be the "weird" "crazy" "freak" one. I dont care if people call me that anymore, but i use to. I just accepted the fact that im different. At first it hurt to be called those but they dont much anymore. But what does bother me is what my own family calls me. They call me "whore" "cuuntt" "disappointment" "gonna get no where in life b!!tch" "fail" ect. i try to ignore it but its hard when your reminded that every day. After awhile i started to believe it. It makes me cry that my no matter what ill Never be good enough....

To Be Continued...


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