How to Write a Good Comment on a Quibblo Story

After reading, practice your commenting skills! First comment on this story, then read and comment on another story, which is my favorite story on quibblo:

And feel free to make your own quiz/story encouraging people to comment! Cme on people, lets start a quibblo revolution! You can even pass on this story on as a repost, if you'd like! :D

Chapter 1

How to write a comment

I must begin by saying I'm not the best commenter. This story is as much for me as it is for you. Think of it as me sharing my brainstorming. Do you swear to follow my rules? On the river Styx? How about an unbreakable vow? I challenge you to make your own story encouraging people to comment! Start a quibblo revolution!!!

1. When you click on that invite, you're making a commitment to comment on it.

This isn't as intimidating as it sounds. As Linde said, even a measly smiley face would show the author of the story you cared enough to read it. Not commenting on something you read is, from this moment on, considered a high offense/very rude on Quibblo. After all, the author's giving you their writing, for free, which took lots of effort, and who are you to just take the gift (read it,) and leave the page without so much as a thank you (comment) ?

2. "But the writing is awful!"

Don't worry about hurting people's feelings. I'm not saying you should call their writing awful, or anything. How will anyone improve if you say something like that? I'm saying give constructive criticism. That helps beginning authors improve immensely. Tell them what you like about the story, then politely point out what could be improved, and how to improve it. Don't you think that's a lot more valuable than glancing at a bad story and leaving the page? Not getting any comments sometimes makes people feel like their writing is so terrible, nobody bothered to comment. If you don't feel comfortable giving criticism, then tell them what you like about the story. Still, please try to give the author advice on how to improve. Besides helping the author, it makes a longer comment, which is always the best kind :)

3. "I don't know what to say."

Sometimes, a story is so great, you have no idea how to put it in words. I once backspaced a comment I was writing 5 times, and ended up just saying 'yes! :)'

One idea is to express it in a unique smiley. 8-D is a lot more excited-looking than :). And :-> is cuter than :), too. When using things such as 'great,' and 'awesome,' find more adequate synonyms. There are simple ways to make a more meaningful comment. Also, point out the exact moments you liked in the story, use quotes from the writing itself, if you want. I love it when people do that in comments on my stories! Describe your reactions, too. Be silly! Something such as stares at screen in captivation says a lot.

Two important points are don't lie, and be brave. Don't worry about what others will think. As long as it's not rude/mean, the author will -likely- definitely be happy that you commented.
Also, comments that are used a little too often are 'next chapter please' and things like that. Either elaborate as to why you like it so much, or say it in a more meaningful or original way.

Also, as authors, your could put a little note on the bottom of your chapter that encourages people to comment, by asking them an interesting question or something :). Here's my example:

So did this help you at all? Please comment! And if you have anything to add/any more ideas on how to write good comments, I really hope you comment and tell me what they are!!!


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