Color Chronicles


Chapter 2


Jack slumped against the gray ash tree, his head lolling with sleep. He could hear her sister Ana yollering from the other side of the forset, ravaging for berries. He sighed. Ever since their father was killed by the enlistment by King Morztan, life had been hard. Their, mother, when she wasn't drunk, was passes out most of the time and Aunt May usually took care of the two.
The sky was a dark gray, signifying the approaching thunderstorm. Jack stretched up. It was about time to journey homeward.As his eyes scaped the landscape, something flashed at him.
Something rich and dark...
Something that wasn't gray.
Before his eyes was an iris flower, but it wasn't a dark gray like it should be.
It was a darker color, something richer...mysterious almost.
He acted within instinct.His hand snapped out, grabbed the flower and snuffed it in his pocket.With that he ran home.
Jack passed out on his bed before he even touched his pillow. Beside him, Ana fainted.Aunt May had dragged them over like ragdolls, tossing them into any work she could spot.
Jack found himself in a meadow, surrounded by irises. He walked forward as if tugged by some invisible line. They were all strangly colored. A deep dark color like the flower he found in the morning. He continued walking on along this strange field feeling lost and....well scared.
He felt the strange urge to figure out this color, to know it, to study it. He needed to know this strange thing. "I know this" the though body slamming him in the head, "I know this...but how?" The memory seemed so vague and out of reach, like something in your peripheriel view that vanishes when you turn to look at it.
"purrr!" The noise suprised him, then he realized that he was the one talking.
His feet though have suddenly stopped. "Purr.." he began thoughtfully... feeling that he was close to a discovery. "Purrr..purp..parp..porpl..puurpe..purpele.."
He sighed and tried again."P" he began closing his eyes "puh..pur..puh-rp....purp..pur-pl...puh-r-pl..purpl.."
"Purple!" The words came out in a rush. The effect though was immediate. He felt this vibration as if the world was humming with this raw energy. The irises bloosomed into a magnifeciently purple display, the petals zooming high into the air, whirling around with minds of their own.
They seemed to gather though into one singular point. They organized themselves to a humoid shape. He watched amazed. The petals merged making skin, hands, arms, hair, and eyes..dazzling deep purple big eyes.
There was a girl in front of Jack. She appeared about 16, her hair a dark blackish-purple, her skin a pale white. She wore a simple purple dress, with stringy sleeves and a skirt reaching below her knees. She looked normal but there was strong great "purple" aura around her giving off the feeling of mysteries and royalty and great great power
"Save me".. her voice was sweet and sad sounding, like that of a little girl who lived and seen all. "Your the only one left.."
Jack stumbled back, confused. Only one left? She reached out toward him, nut slowly her hand whithered away and soon iris petals drifted and danced through the wind.
Jack woke up with a start. The clock shown that it was only 4:00 am.He rubbed his eyes. It was just a dream, he thought to himself smiling. But there was still something at the edge of his tongue. "Purple" he said then blinked.
When he opened his eyes again there was a trail of purple irises at the edge of his bed. He jumped off the bed, banging his elbow against the night table.
" What was going on? What is happening to me? Am I going mad? " he whispered these fears, the reality of the situation sinking in.. He sighed and calmed down. He had two choices- a) ignore the trail and go back to sleep or b) follow the trail and find out what was at the end of it.
"I'm an idiot" he muttered as he got up and started following the trail. He crept out of his dormitory, down the wooden stairs then out the back door. The trail of petals continued and toward the woods at the back of the house. He half-walked and half-ran toward the wood, cold sweat breaking out on his neck. The trees towered over him, taller and darker than usual. "This feels like one of those scary movies where some horrifying monster will suddenly appear and tear me limb to limb then feast on my entrails " He thought grimly. "Yep rip my brains out then shred them to bird size bits and feed them to hummingbirds while he cuts off my fingers with a butcher knife and then bite my toes off like baby carrots and snuff his face into my heartless lungs his mouth watering with my dark blood that will streak through his face , his teeth stained red and his grimy fingers pulling blood vessels out through my belly button and then finally cut off my head to treasure forever, and drink the raw blood and brain juice when he gets hungry.." He grimaced as the thought fleed through his mind (Authors Note- Credit for this section goes to School Days and 1/2 Prince)
The trail continued on until it finally stopped about half an hour later.
And there before him stood a girl. The one with stunning sad purple eyes and dark purple hair. She turned around and Jack froze, unsure of just what he just walked into.

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