Color Chronicles


Chapter 1


Once upon a time a world with no color existed, where everything was a tainted gray. In these times a boy grew up. The boy though was different though,
For he can see colors.
Like two realities the gray apple would sometimes tingle a fiery darker color, a strange new color. He called this color Red.
The strange cool watery color he would sometimes see in the sky, he named it Blue.
The bright color the sun shimmered with, he called Yellow.
Slowly one by one he called upon the Essence of these colors, calling them to life and slowly Red, Yellow, and Blue came alive.
They flew around like birds newly released, a fiery fast phoenix, a wet shining dove, and a golden hawk.
Red, Yellow, Blue were alive.
They mixed and merged and had many children- Mysterious Purple,Brave Orange, Lively Green, and Protective Brown.
And the world spread with colors.
But The boy, Who was now in his twenties felt something was missing.
He sang of these missing colors, Of the darkest one of them and the lightest fairest too..
And slowly Silent Black and Fair White were born.
And with it another child, a unity of Red and White- Pink.
And the boy gave himself up to and became the Guardian, Controller of Gray.
And the colors were made.
But millions years after, a man emerged from the darkness, with the lust of great powers.
On and on he walked, until he stumbled upon the Colors.
He siezed them one by one, his power growing as he captured them.
First Pink,
Then Orange
Then Brown
Then Green
Then Purple
The remainig fize, the strongest there are battled the Man ,named Morztan, But were slowly captured too.
First Red,
Then Blue
Then Yellow.
And White and Black.
Lastly Morztan broke into the Guardian, a battle lasting 7 days time, but The Guardian was defeated.

The World was gray again..
Until now.............

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