Save Me From Myself

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Save Me From Myself

Tell me it'll be okay.
Just say that there's a way.
To save me from myself.
To save me from what's left.

And I know it's so wrong.
I know it's gone on too long.
But it gets worse every night.
Can even tell what's wrong and what's right.

Can't they see I'm destroying myself.
It's me doing this, no one else.
And the feelings are eating me alive.
I can feel my bones, I'm starved and deprived.
Dark circles under my eyes and I'm so tired.
I just want to sleep, but my brain's awake and wired.

Make them stop,
these feelings.
I'm going to rot.
I'm reeling.
I don't know what to do.
Who am I anymore?
Who are you?
What was I fighting for?
I can't go on life this.
I live for silent bliss.
It's so isolated.
Forgotten and hated.
Constantly reiterated.
And they wont leave me alone.
I fear I'm almost done.
And I'm sure my mind is gone.

Can't some one save me from myself?
Can't they see it's me, not anyone else.
I've been broken from the inside out.
All there's left to do is scream and shout.


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