Dreams,True Love, and oh yeah...1D (A 1D Group Story)

so i have another group story for ya guys, hope ya like :)

Chapter 1


Carly_Payne's Character (My character)

Lover: Liam James Payne
Name: Noelle Rose
Age: 18
Looks: shoulder length light brown hair / big green eyes / pale / 5'7
Personality: When she writes her music, it's personal and true. She isn't a stereo type at all. She is herself, unique in fact. Passionate to music, fiery temper. Writes about her feelings.
Favorite song(s) and they're voice type (like voice like Bruno Mars, Adele, Brittany Spears,etc....): The A Team: By Ed Sheeran , Turning Tables: By Adele , Ready or Not: By Bridgit Mendler, and Take a Bow: By Rhianna
Voice type is like a nice,raspy voice like Adele and can change it into a smooth voice like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.
has a British accent :)

justmebeingme's character

Lover: Harry Styles
Name: Isabella Hayes
Age: 18
Looks: dark brown hair/light brown underneath goes to middle of her back, brown eyes that change to hazel depending on the light, short (5 feet and 2 1/2 inches) tan Personality: fun, smart, outgoing, very athletic, true to herself, feels like she always has to impress everyone since she plays many sports and loves to sing and dance and wants to get noticed since like everyone she knows says she has the talent to go pro for sports and the voice
The voice of an "angel" to be known and heard
Favorite song(s) and they're voice type (like voice like Bruno Mars, Adele, Brittany Spears, etc...): Die Young: by Ke$ha, Ready Or Not: by Bridgit Mendler, Locked Out Of Heaven: by Bruno Mars, Bad For Me: by Megan & Liz
Voice type is like fast beat like Ke$ha, gets you up and dance like Bridgit Mendler but can be soft like Bruno Mars
I also forgot to put she has known Harry since diapers but hasn't seen him in a while mostly cause of her trying to
Get noticed for her athletic skills. But running into Harry makes her choose sports or singing and dancing since she had always been in love with him

I_Love_LiamNiallLouis_'s character

Lover: Zayn
Name: Khriz Blue
Age: 18
Looks: Light grey eyes, Pale, Long wavy black hair, Short, 4'9(So, people get surprise when she sings)
Personality: Shy, Smart, Puts her friends before herself, Stays true to herself
Favorite Song(s): Locked Out Of Heaven: by Bruno Mars, Cry by Kelly Clarkson, Good Girl by Carrie Underwood, I'll Be Your Lover, Too: by Robert Pattinson, Sparks Fly:by Taylor Swift, Begin Again: by Taylor Swift, Again: by Bruno Mars, and Over Again: by One Direction
Voice Type: Can be a strong a rough like P!nk,but as soft and smooth like Taylor Swift
One More Favorite Song: Try: by P!nk

Crazyshhh's character

Lover: Niall Horan
Name: Cherry Hall
Age: 17
Looks: jst below shoulders Wavy brown hair / big brown eyes / tan / 5'2
Personality: crazy, writes songs about her emotions but doesnt let any1 else c them. She is a mixture of conflicting stereotypes, being girly into make up clothes always has a mirror nd a hairbrush but gets dirty loads nd loves gore. But really compassionate even if she hides emotions frm every1 including herself herself
Favorite song(s) and they're voice type: the lazy song by bruno mars, wmyb by 1d, dont wake me up by chris brown, anything in the charts Voice type is like duffy (sweet and soft)

Louis needs a lover so comment below if ya want him :)


"Noelle, you're next." said one of the people that were a part of the cafe. I'm supposed to sing a gig tonight and the audience doesn't look too happy. My outfit doesn't help much with this situation.

outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/story/set?id=64199907#stream_box

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Noelle Rose!!" I took of my jacket and grabbed my guitar and pick.

I took a seat on the tall counter stool and strummed my guitar.

"White Lips,Pale face, breathing in snow flakes. Burnt Lungs, sour taste." I sang. The crowd looked quite surprised I could sing so softly for my personality.

I went straight to the chorus, knowing I only had 3 minutes to sing my song.

"They say, she's in the class A team. Stuck in her daydream, been this since 18, but lately. Her face seems slowly sinking wasting. Crumbling like pastries, they scream, the worst come free to us. Cos were just under the upper hand, we'll go mad for a couple grams. She don't wanna go outside, tonight. And in a pipe she falls to the motherland. Or sells love to another man. It's too co-old outside, for angels to fly.

"An angel dies. Covered in white. Closed eye, and hoping for a better life. This time, she'll fade out tonight." And then I sang the chorus again.

I stood up to hearing applause and a standing ovation. "So this is kinda what it's like to be famous...." I muttered under my breath. I got off the tiny stage and put my guitar back in it's case.

"There you are!! Hey Noelle, remember me?" said some random boy, who came up to me.

"Uh...am I supposed to?" I asked.

"Liam. Liam Payne. We used to play hide and go seek together and watch Sesame Street? I moved because I joined the band One Direction and got rich and famous and-" Liam started blubbering.

"OKAY!! I remember. I also remember you would never shut up." I said, joking.
"I'm kidding Liam."

He laughed shortly."Hey, I didn't know you could sing like that." "Well, in high school, my mum took me to a class every day where they taught vocal coaching." "Well, it was nice seeing you Liam. Can I get your number?" "Yeah sure." He quickly got out his phone and put my number in his and I put his in mine. "Well, I gotta get going before they kick me out." I said and started walking out. "WAIT!! Have you eaten yet?" Liam asked with hope in his eyes.

"No, but haven't you? I mean, that's why you're here in the cafe?" "No, I just barely walked in and saw you singing on the stage. " "Oh, well I'm a vegetarian." "Since when?" "Since I figured out what they do to the animals." "Oh...well don't put that in MY mind. I love meat and I'd like to keep it that way." he said and I laughed. "We can go get some pizza. I know a great place and they have a special for me. I know the owner's VERY well."

We walked out and I got in his car since I walked here.

15 to 20 minutes later we were there. Liam's a very slow driver.

We both got out of his car and were suddenly surrounded by paparazzi. "Liam,Liam,Liam over here!" Lights were flashing everywhere and yelling was extremely loud. "Liam, is this your new girlfriend? Huh,Huh? Can you kiss her?" Liam shoved past them, holding my hand to guide me through the group.

We finally got in and it was empty. The owner locked the door, letting us have at least some privacy. Liam and I walked to the back and ordered 1 large veggie pizza, with no meat and extra cheese. Liam ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. We got a cups to the soda machine and got free refills.

I got diet coke when he got sprite. We sat down and talked about our lives.

We were walking for awhile and a thought came to mind.
"Hey Liam, I have a question."
"Well, ask away."
"How is it like being famous?"
"Huh? I never really thought about it. It's like getting to be noticed by everyone. People know who you are, love you and your job. It's amazing."
"Oh... " I sighed, taking a big bite of my pizza.

"What's wrong Noelle? What happened to your up-beat personality?"

"Well, I've always wanted to be famous, so I've been arranging gigs and such to be discovered." I said with a mouth full of cheese and veggies. Liam laughed.

Liam put on his thinking face and could tell he had an idea. "Liam, what do you have in mind?"

"What if I help you."

"Help me with what?"

"Becoming famous."



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