Fandom Gone Crazy

So I think if you read it will help!

Chapter 1

With the recent Twitter feed

So Directioners have reached an All Time Low with me (pun intended)....
If you haven't heard, there was a Twitter fight over the weekend. It involved two of my favourite boybands, the one the only, One Direction, and the amazing and sexy The Wanted.
There might be a few hundred or so other people who agree with me, but reading comments on a story tells me there aren't many who agree with me. And what is really making mad about all of it. Directioners for some crazy reason think The Wanted started all of this and that it is all their fault.
Let me just say this, Zayn Malik freaking started it. Max George (hot member of TW) just tweeted a random tweet

Max: "Me and usher getting messy!!!"

And Zayn replied with this

"@MaxTheWanted geek…"

Now tell me Max started that... And guess what! Directioners are dogging on Max because he's "a baby that gets offended just by the word Geek"
Well not exactly, he just addressed Zayn about it in his next tweet.
In fact Zayn went on to say

"Oh the conversation stopped when I called you a geek"
"P.S. your display just shows how much of a wannabee you are"

I am pretty sure Max realizes he won't be as big as One Direction, but by golly, they got to the top with their freaking amazing song I Found You.
The fight continued and some cuss words were thrown in, Tom from TW got into it and Louis apparently got involved too.

Anyway, I am just mad at our freaking 'Directioners' because they all are saying "Go Zayn!" "Way to stick it to him Bradford Bad Boi!" just no!
He started it, called names, and I feel terrible that Max and the rest of TW members had to deal with Zayn's immaturity.

And now don't you dare go and say I am not a Directioner. I love them with all my heart!! This rant was more so that I could express my anger at our "family members..." They just need to see who is really at fault here.

This has already blown over, I just can't stand it, that's all. So sorry if I wasted any of your time, I hope you guys will comment your opinions on the matter. I don't care what side your on, well maybe, but it's good to tell me what you think.

No matter what you think, I would never give you any hate for your opinion or any other nonsense and crap like that. I am not like that!

Thanks for those of you that actually read my rant!

Love your sexy faces!


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