RolePlay, anyone?

Chapter 1


by: Ontrix
I've been extremely bored as of late, and I havent RPed in a LONG while. Here is the list of things I RP

Batman (The Animated Series, the films, and Arkham Games(
The Avengers
Transformers (Generation 1, Animated Series, Cybertron [kind of rusty on that one] and Prime)
Assassin's Creed II
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
And I do Original RPs (Werewolves, vampires, wizards/witches, fantasy land, ect.)

I can RP via Quibblo or e-mail. If you wish RP via e-mail, please message me first.


I do not feel comfortable doing yaoi, yuri, or lemons.

Please, I ask that you use proper spelling and grammar. I understand mistakes, I make them too. All I ask is that you try your best.

Please avoid cussing EXCESSIVELY often. I'm talking every-other-word. It is unprofessional and boring to read.

Please keep both sides of the RP equal. If your side has a paragraph, I expect mine to as well and vice versa. If mine has a one-liner, yours better have one, too.

Please don't ask me to change my love interest. It makes my face sad :( XD

Thank-you for reading! Please message!
~* Ashley *~


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