Messing with Fate (A Spiderman/Loki Love Story)

Catherine Bow moves from London to New York to get a fresh start. But when her boyfriend turns out to be more than she bargained for, can their awkward love survive an Earth invasion?

Jeannie Clancy is an exchange student in the 12 grade from Ireland. But when she falls inlove with a supervillian, can her love survive?

Chapter 1

Catherine Bow

The day was cold. Colder than I expected anyways, so when I stepped outside my apartment I stepped right back in and grabbed a coat. Then I could actually get to class.

I had just moved to New York, and was attending Midtown Science high school with my step-sister, Teresa Moore. I had been born and raised in London, and, with my accent and new fashions, my sister assured me that I would be an instant hit with everyone. My wedged boots clicked quickly on the sidewalk, and my curled tawny hair bounced against the collar of my dark blazer.

“Hey,” a deep voice called out, and I jumped slightly as a convertible sports car pulled up beside me. A boy leaned over the side and stared at me, amused. “Where are you heading off to?”

“Um . . . Midtown High, do you know where it is?” He chuckled at my accent, and then it wasn’t just the cold flushing my cheeks.

“Opposite direction,” he laughed, jerking his head backwards. He had quiffed brown hair and a wide smile. “Want a ride?” I nodded awkwardly and gratefully, and he leaned over and pushed open the door for me.

“What’s your name?” He asked, and grinned crookedly with slightly too-big teeth. That only added to his charm though.

“Catherine Bow, but you can call me Cat.” He held out a hand and I shook it, feeling small next to the lanky teen.

“Peter. Peter Parker. Nice to meet you, Cat.”

“I can’t believe she didn’t see us!” I shrieked, leaning into Peter’s side because I was laughing so hard.

“I told you she’s old and blind!” He snickered. We had spent the whole science class taking pictures of ourselves and posting them on Facebook, and the teacher, Mrs. West, hadn’t even noticed! Oh how I loved America.

After I got home and tossed my jacket on the couch, I turned to see my sister staring out the window.

“Who just dropped you off?” She asked, her eyes wide.

“This boy I met today, Peter.”

“Peter Parker?”

“. . . Yes?” I answered warily, not knowing what her tone of voice was trying to say. She winced.

“Cat, you could do so much better. Honestly.” I was confused. From what I had seen, no one hated Peter. But, now that I thought about it, no one had come up to talk in all of the classes that we had shared. But he was everything I looked for in a guy.

“I like Peter. And I’m not deserting him.” With that, I turned on my heel and stalked upstairs. He was cute, charismatic, just the right amount of awkward, and seemed to have a great deal of respect for me. I sat down at my computer and opened Facebook. Peter had changed his profile picture to one of us making goofy faces. With a giggle, I made mine the same picture.

We weren’t half-bad together.

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