~Adventure Time~ Unexpected Relationship

Everyone knows him, every knows him as the only of his kind, but what if her isn't. Let's embark on a journey with our hero, Finn the Human.
P.S. He's not with flame princess.

Chapter 1

Marceline Has a Message.

All the way down in the land of Ooo, in a particular tree-house. Sprawled over his bed, his arms and legs going in every direction, his cap discarded on his nightstand, and his short blonde hair going every which way, was our hero Finn the Human. A loud snort echoed through the room as he flopped onto his back and began to snore. If any of his princess friends were to see him, out of his usual PJ's and in a pair of lose black boxers, they would probably squeal as loud as they could. He is currently sixteen years old, he traded in his old hat that covered his entire head for one that only covered the top, but his short hair still found its way from his hat. He had a particularly exhausting day before and would certainly be sleeping in. In the drawer only a few feet away was his 'brother' Jake the Dog. Who was curled up in a ball, he started growled as his feet twitched at his latest dream. He suddenly woke to a bump downstairs, he too has changed. His powers changed his body, he can still stretch, he looks human. He isn't. But he almost looks like a human, only with random patches of hair over his arms and legs. He quickly shot from his drawer and over to Finn. He shook him rapidly, and looked towards the window. It was still dark, and more bumps could be heard coming towards the latter. Jake shook Finn again, "Finn, somethings in the house." he whispered. Finn groaned and rolled over onto his stomach, "Jake, go back to bed its probably just BMO or somethin' so go to sleep!" he said groggily and slapped Jake's hands from him. He kick what little bit of the covers had been on his legs and went back to snoring. Jake quickly went back to his drawer and pulled the covers over himself and peeked out towards the exit, he could see faint shadows. He gulped and clenched his eyes shut, letting out a small whimper. His eyes snapped open to see something looming over Finn, he let out a loud scream. Soon Finn followed and fell from his bed with a thud. He looked around frantically and saw the figure standing in front of him, quickly he grabbed his sword. "Whoa, dude, its just me." a familiar voice rang through the darkness. Finn got to his feet and searched his nightstand for some matches. He finally found them and lit his lamp. The room lit up to reveal Marceline the Vampire Queen, "Jeez, woman, you could give a guy a heart attack!" he scolded. He realized she was looking him up and down, "and you could give a girl brain damage with that view." she said with a smirk. Finn looked down to see he was only wearing his boxers, he let out a shout of shock as grabbed his blanket and wrapped it around himself. A blush set in his cheeks, he looked away from her. "Why are you here?" he said angrily as he searched the floor for his clothes and pulled them on under the blanket. She sat on his bed, "I thought you would want to know about another human." she said and laid back. "What?!" Finn asked in a half excited-half suspicious tone. "Yeah, I saw him riding some weird animal yelling like an idiot on the far side of Ooo." she said and grinned at a now beaming Finn. "Are you playing with me, cause that would be SO not math." he said and crossed his arms. Marceline rose one hand and put the other over her heart, "Vampire's honor." she said. "Far side of Ooo, which way?" he asked. "North." she said, Finn bounded towards the shivering blanket that covered Jake. Finn reached underneath and grabbed a shaking ankle, he then heard many yowls and growls as he pulled Jake from underneath his blanket. "Jake we're going north!" Finn shouted as Jake hit the ground, Jake caught sight of the vampire and curled up and continued to shiver. "W-why, D-dude?" he asked, Finn was packing his backpack with supplies. "Another human!" Finn said excitedly, and put his pack on. He pulled his hat on and didn't bother buttoning the strap, and grabbed Jake's ankle once more and headed for the latter. "Thanks, Marcy!" he said as he began to climb down. "Wait you're going now?" she questioned, he nodded. "No time to waste, can you tell PB I may be gone a day or so?" he asked, and yanked a Jake who was desperately trying to claw his way back to his drawer. "Sure, don't get killed." she said and flopped onto his bed. "No promises" he shouted from the bottom of the latter, he pulled Jake onto his back. Who climbed into Finn's backpack, "Why do we have to go so early, huh?" he asked. His eyes darting around in the dark, "Pfft, ever since you changed, Jake, you've turned into a wuss." he said. Suddenly Jake exploded from the bag and grew to his giant self. He pulled Finn onto his shoulder, "I am NOT a wuss, and I'm going to prove it by taking you there and back." he said and started running.


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