Run Away, Like It Was Yesterday (Original Story)

Original story that got it's name from Mia's photo album. I was bored and very, very, sad..

Chapter 1

The Day It All Came Crashing Down

When I was little, I was the happiest kid ever. Everyone was my friend, everyone was so nice and life was perfect. That was before I knew what the real truth was. Everyone, at some point, will decieve you. Stab you in the back. Let you down. Break your heart, even. And they won't care. It's happened too many times. To everyone. To me. Always to me. Every single time.

The 3rd of November was the day when..

"Cass! Hurry up!" Megan yells at me from outside. I finish tying my shoelace and run out of the gym change room. "Took long enough." Says Megan. I grin. Megan may think she sounds menacing, but she's really nice, and I know it. Sadly for her. "Come on, we need to get a table." She picks up her bag and runs through the doors. I glance over at the mirror, pull my hair into a high ponytail, and run out the doors after her.

When I find Megan in the midst of the giant hallway crowds, she's talking to Milla and Shayla. "Guys?" I ask. Are we going to try to get a table?" "Yeah, just waiting for Brooke to come out of French again." Milla answers. I nod, pull out my phone, and text my best friend, Brooke:


She answers immediately.

'Yea.. fricking teacher making us stay in again >:('

I answer,

'Haha, so glad I don't have her :P'

She replies:

'You better be. -_-'

I laugh and text her to hurry up, and finally she comes running out the door, zipping up her bag as she goes. She looks so pretty today, with her curls straightened all glossy blonde down her back. I glance down ruefully at my plain, dead - straight, boring dark brown hair. The next second, I'm being slammed into a group of 11th grade boys making their way to football practice. I swear to God, these hallways should have traffic lights. not that anyone would follow them, of course. But still.

Thankfully, we just barely grab the last table in the corner of the cafeteria. I leave my bag on the table and go to buy a cinnamon bun with the 5 dollars I earned yesterday helping my dad rake leaves. I love the end of autumn, it means snow is coming. And Christmas!

When I come back to the table, I sit down in my claimed spot next to Brooke, but have soon moved down as she keeps trying to steal bits of my bun. The girl can never get enough sugar.

When the bell rings, we all go our seperate ways. Brooke and I head up to the third floor together for science. Right before we get to the door, Brooke pulls me aside from the crowd, up against the door. "Cass," She whispers. "I'm not supposed to tell anyone this yet, but I just can't keep it from you anymore."

I'm puzzled. "Brooke, what is it? Are you sick? What's wrong? Are we doing a surprise birthday party for Milla next month? Are your parents divorcing?"

"No, no, no." Brooke shakes her head. "You don't understand, Cassidy. After New Year's, I'm.. moving."

"WHAT?! I scream.

"Shhhh! Cass!" She puts her sweater over my mouth. "You can't tell anyone yet! Mom made me promise!"

I wince. "Sorry. Now tell me where are you going?"

Brooke pauses, then says: "A town about 2 hours from here." I take a deep breath. Well, it's better than a whole other continent. But still, what am I going to do? Brooke's been my true bestie since kindergarten, all the way through elementary school, and up to now, grade nine.

"So.. you're moving schools?" I say.

"Yeah." She answers. "Cass, I'm sorry. I hate this as much as you. But.. there's nothing I can do about it."

Then she turns and slowly walks into the science room. The bell rings, and I follow her, barely holding back tears.

More chapters? Yes? No? Comment what you thought!
~ Sarah

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