The Heart Gives Off It's Own Magic (Marauders Group Story)

This is a Marauders Group Story By Myself, PoetryGirl_16, and bored_chic1002 other spots are still open so feel free to join and enjoy! Remember to Rate and Comment!

Chapter 93

Abriana Grace Collins

After the conversation with Lyla and me heading to bed, I lied awake in my bed even though I was exhausted entirely. I couldn't help it. I was worried about her. I was worried about my own vision with Sirius. And lastly, I was worried about Lottie. I hadn't had the chance to tell Lottie about my vision that dealt with her and her ability, but I had to. I hope tonight wasn't going to be the night when it came true. If it was, then I don't know what I would do. However, by morning, my exhaustion seemed to overtake the thoughts and I was acting only in a robotic approach with little thought to anything.

That was until I had another vision of the same one I did earlier in the year.

The howling, the slashes of claws, then Lottie in a coma. It was all the same, and it was the one vision that I hadn't shared with anyone yet. I didn't know how to bring it up, and I damn well didn't want to bring it up when everyone was around to worry. It had to be a thing I told Lottie, one on one.

So after that vision, I was able to finish getting ready and head down to the Great Hall. When I got there James, Sirius, and Lyla were the only ones up. Lyla looked absolutely miserable while James and Sirius were goofing off as normal. I took my seat on the right of Sirius but kept as quiet as I could, before gazing over at her. If I asked though, she would get pestered with questions by the two and eventually Remus, so for now I sat still and picked through my food.

Picking through my food didn't last long though because shortly after I got down, Remus came in and sat next to Lyla, only to be slammed with questions about the night himself. He looked even worst off than any of us, so it must have been a tough night.

Oh god I thought. Please don't let my vision become true for Lottie

And that was my only thought I had for the next few moments until it vanished when Lottie came in. I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief. When I saw her though, bittersweet emotions consumed my mind. My vision didn't come true, but she still looked like hell.

Remus spoke up first, "Hey Lottie. I was beginning to worry about you."

His sad smile was met by her weak smile, and I wondered if anyone else could see their smiles also. James seemed to, as his question was full of worry,

"Yeah, where were you, why were you so late?"

Lottie replied shortly, almost too easily really, "Madame Promfrey let me sleep longer than she normally does. I just woke up about half an hour ago."

I looked over at Lyla with a glance, as she did the same. I didn't believe Lottie. Pomfrey didn't let anyone sleep in. Soon breakfast ended and my untouched plate finished just that way since I was part of the small talk that consumed our group this morning.

However, minutes later we finally left the hall. Lottie was in front and soon Bellatrix and her gang confronted Lottie.

"Hey, Scarlette"

"Let's hear it, Lestrange. What do you have for me this time?"

"What's with the scratch, Scarlette? Did you do that yourself?"

I gasped, I couldn't help it. How dare she! I mean I knew Bellatrix was low, but to bring that up? That was uncalled for, end of story. Did Bellatrix know her secret?

"Yeah of course Bellatrix. You want one too? I'd be more than happy to oblige, let me assure you."

"I know, having to deal with being a half blood must be so hard, right Lupin? You and your brother have hard lives, especially with your father dipping into the Muggle pool of women so often. But there is no need to hurt yourself over it, Scarlette," Bellatrix gave a fake look of sympathy. "If you ever need to talk about how terrible your life is...I'm sure you can find a statue to talk to about it that cares more than most people!!"

I looked over at Lottie carefully, hoping she realizes that Lestrange wasn't worth her time, that Lottie was better than her. She did I think because Lottie didn't do anything but respond, "Thanks for the advice, Lestrange."

And with that, Lottie walked up the staircase. I looked at everyone else before following her. The laughter of the cruel Slytherins was behind us, but it could make any go insane really. This was it though. I needed to tell Lottie now before the next full moon.

And with one deep breath, I caught up to Lottie's fast strides in front of the group and whispered so only she could hear,

"Lottie, sometime today I need to tell you something that I saw this morning as well as a while ago. It's important for you and Remus."

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