The Heart Gives Off It's Own Magic (Marauders Group Story)

This is a Marauders Group Story By Myself, PoetryGirl_16, and bored_chic1002 other spots are still open so feel free to join and enjoy! Remember to Rate and Comment!

Chapter 3

Lyla Esmeralda Rose

I heard a pop and opened my eyes. My sister Araminta stood over me, glaring. "Get up Gryffindor" she sneered. I sat up groggily.

"What time is it?" I mumbled rubbing my eyes.

"Oh. We've still got a good 3 hours." She smirked, "I just know that once your awake you can't go back to sleep." Then there was another loud pop as she apparated back into her room.

I swore. She was right though, I could never fall back asleep once I was awake. I ripped the covers off and stood. I shook my black hair out of my face and tried to concentrate. Wait I thought, today is September 1st, HOGWARTS! Now I was glad that my sister had woken me up. I rushed to my dresser and pulled out my clothes.

Then I ran to the loo that was connected to my room. I showered and made sure that I looked...normal. Now that might sound weird but for some reason when I got upset or something bothered me my entire appreance would alter a little got really annoying. Then I got dressed.

Once I finished I grabbed my jewelry from my night-stand and slipped it on. My favorite ring, was a wolf's head. I liked wolves because they were strong animals...and I had to be strong so often, handling bullying wasn't ever easy.

After I grabbed my trunk and made sure that none of my Gryffindor house colors were showing I quietly headed down stairs.

I started making breakfast "the old-fashioned" way. Since I couldn't use magic outside of school.

That's when my dad came down. He completely ignored me, as usual. And just sat down and made himself his own breakfast. My father and mother had nothing to do with me. They were furious that I had ended up in Gryffindor when everyone else in the entire family had been in Slytherin. They made my sister Araminta and my brother Alexander talk to me when something had to be done. And when nothing was needed, they ignored me too...unless the were being mean to me.

My father grunted, and nodded towards the other end of the room. "5th year. O.W.Ls we expect you to get at least Es on everything even if you are in Gryffindor" He spat it out with an unpleasant grimance on his face "and since it is your 5th year. You get an owl." He pointed to a cage next to my sister's owl, Nightmare (pleasant right?) where a little black owl with big yellow eyes sat staring at me. It hooted sadly. "It's name is Midnight," my dad said and then he went back to his breakfast.


We were finally getting ready to head through the barrier between 9 and 10. After an extremely unpleasant breakfast where my sister had told my family about getting me up super early and everyone else laughing at my expense I was ready to see my friends.

When I walked through I headed straight for the train and ignored everyone else. When I got on to the train I walked towards the compartment that I normally shared with Sirius, Remus, James, Lottie and Bri. Occasionally we were joined by a few others but not often. Lottie tolerated James...but just barely.

"Hey, Gryffindor where do you think you're going?" I heard Bellatrix Black cackle as she caught up with me. "Going to hang out with your blood traitor friends?" I ignored her, I always did. I had gotten good at it too.

I got to our compartment first, still ignoring Bellatrix who continued to hound me. Opening the door and storing my things, I turned to her. "Leave me alone Bellatrix." I hissed.

"Or what?" she asked leaning on the door as Lucius Malfoy came up behind her along with her sister Narcissa. "Going to get your family to defend you? Oh wait." She said looking surprised, "They hate you just as much as I do." At this Lucius started laughing, and then he walked away with Bellatrix.

Narcissa looked at me. "I'm sorry about her Ly, I don't know why she's so cruel."

I shook my head, "Don't worry about it. I'm used to it." Then I closed the door in her face.

I sat down next to the window and stared out. I hated my family, I hated Bellatrix...and personally I knew that they hated me too. I laid my forehead against the glass and felt tears trickle down my cheeks. Why do people have to be so cruel?

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