The Heart Gives Off It's Own Magic (Marauders Group Story)

This is a Marauders Group Story By Myself, PoetryGirl_16, and bored_chic1002 other spots are still open so feel free to join and enjoy! Remember to Rate and Comment!

Chapter 2

Abrina Grace Collins

I woke up on the Morning of September First and rolled out of bed with a yawn. I noticed my brother looking at me

I made a face, "yes Hance"

He laughed, "Hurry up Gracie!"

i sighed, "fine"

I stood up, went to the bathroom and took a shower before getting dressed


I finished getting ready and went down to the kitchen to see my parents and Brother all eating. I took a seat next to Hance and bit my lip as I ate

My dad clapped, "This year Abriana, you have OWLS you have to make sure you study hard if you want to become a healer"

My mom nodded, "You need to get at least an E in D.A.D.A., Transfirgurations, Potions, and maybe Charms"

I sighed, "I know ma and pa"

Hance smirked, 'Abby! I got all O's"

I glared at him, "not helping'

"Why can't you be more like him!"

"And in ravenclaw!"

"your friends Sirius Black is making you into a bad example"

Hance's eyes widened as my expression turned cold, "Sirius. Black. Is. Not. My. Friend. I Hate. His Bloody. Guts."

I stood up and pushed my food away and gathered my things and started walking to the train station when Hance ran up to me

"what happened to my shy sister back there Bri"

I shook my head and muttered, "don't know"

he sighed and draped his arm around my shoulders as we continued to walk to the train station. We got there and Hance ran forward and disappeared. I ran through the wall as my eyes shut and I reopened them to see myself in front of the scarlet train with the Gold Letters. HOGWARTS EXPRESS

I smiled as I walked onto the train and sat down in the same compartment as I sit in every year waiting for my friends and Sirius Black. If he sits next to me, I'm bloody going to murder him this time..

I bit my lip as I looked at my muggle watch that my dad found interesting to see it was 10:30. My friends and Sirius should be here soon..

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