The 74th Hunger Games ~If Katniss Didn't Volunteer

The 74th Hunger Games ~If Katniss Didn't Volunteer

Hi. :) Who will win? I'm writing this in Prim's POV, but that doesn't mean I'll make her win... >:D May the odds be ever in her favor... or not. XD
Oh, and if you're wondering why Katniss didn't volunteer.. Wait, just read, you'll find out. XD
Comment and rate please! :)

Chapter 1

The Beginning of My Death Sentence

"Prim." I hear a female voice say to me.
I open my eyes and my mother's face is in front me, smiling. "Prim, it's time to get ready for the Reaping." She says gently.
I gasp. The Reaping. It's my living nightmare. What if I get picked? I'll die for sure. I can't hunt, I can barely heal myself even though my mom's a healer. If I even see a knife I scream and run away. I've been having nightmares about it since I turned 12 years old. Katniss says I won't get picked, but I'm--
"Mom, where's Katniss?" I ask.
"She's gone hunting with Gale, sweetheart." My mom says cautiously, but gently.
I nod faintly.
"Now, let's get you ready for the Reaping." My mother says.
I get up out of my mother's bed. I quickly use the bathroom and then my mom helps me into my Reaping clothes. They're Katniss's first Reaping clothes.
My mom slips me into a ruffled blouse that's a bit big on me, but my mother puts pins in it to help. Then I slip into the skirt.
My mom braids my hair into two. I look in the mirror. I look great.
"Come on, it's time to eat breakfast." my mother tells me.
"Without Katniss? What about the food?" I ask.
"We have leftovers. Katniss will be here soon." My mom says hollowly.
I gently nod and sit down on the dining table.
My mom brings out a bowl of grapes, bread, and some cheese. It's not bad. I silently munch on my bread as my mom gets ready.
When she's done, she's dressed in one of her beautiful dresses when she worked in the apothecary shop her family used to own.
"You look beautiful." I say to her.
My mother smiles. "You do, too."
I smile back and eat some of the grapes. It's delicous.
After half an hour, my mother says gently, "We have to go now. Katniss will catch up. I laid out a dress for her. Don't worry."
I stare at her, wary for a while. But after a minute, I nod, looking down.

Meanwhile, in the woods....

"Run away?" Katniss asks Gale.
"Why not? We do it every morning, anyway. What's the difference?" Gale says arrogantly.
Katniss stares at him. "But..."
"Come on." Gale argues.
"What about Prim and-- PRIM!!" Katniss yells. "I need to get to the Reaping."
Katniss runs off out of the woods, leaving Gale, who stays.

Prim's Point of View

"Primrose Everdeen." Effie Trinket announces through the microphone.
I freeze. My name is called. I gulp.
Katniss, where are you?
Everyone looks back at me, so I have no choice but to walk. I make it to the stage and Effie leads me to take my place. I stare at the crowd, tears welling up in my eyes. A few tears slide down my cheeks.
"Volunteers?" Effie calls out.
Please, I think. Somebody.
Silence. More tears slide down my cheeks until I'm sobbing wildly like a maniac.
I look at the crowd again, hoping one of the girls are willing to volunteer, but.. of course not. They have a look of sorrow, pity, and sadness.
"Now, for the boys." the pink haired lunatic announces.
Effie walks over to the boys' bowl. I can literally hear all the boys hold their breath.
"Peeta Mellark!"
I gasp. I know him. He's the baker that I see sometimes when Katniss and I pass by his family's bakery. He waves at me every so often, and I wave back.
Now we're both going to die. I bite my lip. Could this day get any worse? It could.
Peeta and I shake hands and Effie walks us into the Justice Building.
I take one final look back, and I see her.
She's still wearing her hunting clothes, screaming frantically at me. She's struggling with Peacekeepers to volunteer for me, but they keep saying it's too late.
Katniss locks eyes with me, and in it, I can see apologies that would make me cry a whole ocean of tears.
I open my mouth to say something, but then the big Justice Building doors shut in front of me, breaking my gaze from my only hope.


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