The only exception

Meredith is starting at the University of Michigan. She is extremely nervous but filled with enthusiasm will she find her place?

Chapter 1

New beginnings

“Wow this place is so big” Meredith said walking onto campus. Meredith is starting at the University of Michigan. She’d moved into her apartment only three days ago. She didn’t know anyone yet and she was nervous. She stepped into the main building and got her timetable. She had Italian first. Great! She loved languages. It was so cool learning to speak something new. If you hadn't realized Meredith was a very enthusiastic person and enjoyed doing new things. She was one of those people you loved being around. She walked into the Italian classroom to find not many people in there just a couple of girls and a group of guys. Meredith looked at the time and realised she was 15 minutes early. She sat down on the end of the row and got ready for her first day of college. 15 minutes passed and soon everyone else was seated. Meredith was too nervous to talk to anyone so she kept herself to herself. The teacher walked in and introduced himself as Mr. Fleming. He was an oldish kind of guy with short hair and glasses.

“Today we are going to cover the basics of Italian, and as it’s the first lesson of the new year I’ll go easy on you” He spoke with authority. Weird he looked like a bit of a pushover.

“Psst what’s your name?” A girl sitting next to me was prodding Meredith as she asked this. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

“Meredith” Her voice went squeaky. She didn’t know why I was so nervous.

“I’m Oriana” She said smiling. Meredith didn’t know what to say so she just looked at her.

“I’m Monica.” Her friend piped in. She looked exactly the same as Oriana, maybe they were twins thought Meredith.

"Are you new here?” Oriana asked. Meredith just nodded.

“Me too” They both said at the same time. They must be twins.

“What you got next.” Asked Monica.

“Drama. What do you guys have?” Meredith had finally plucked up the courage to say a sentence.

“Oh I have drama too. Do you have it with Mr Jefferson?” Monica said. Meredith nodded.

“Oh I have English.” Oriana said looking sad. Before anyone could say anything else the bell went to signal the end of the lesson.

“Wanna walk with me?” Monica said enthusiastically. Meredith nodded and the two of them said goodbye to Oriana and walked to class. Meredith felt she was really going to fit in here.

A/N Monica (@Giggly_KitKats) Oriana (OMGambardella) Go follow them on twitter and feel free to follow me on twitter (@starkidfancaz) Excuse the small chapter its just the beginning


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