Iv'e loved you ever since - HikaruxOC

Iv'e loved you ever since - HikaruxOC

painful memories from Yumi's departed childhood friends keep getting at she as she tries to survive the new Ouran high school. she loves him , one of the twins she used to call her childhood friends. and as she makes a new "friend" , who "leads"xD her into music room 3# finally after 6 long years she meets them again, confronting her feelings towards the one.

~My note~ if somebody out there has an OC and ADORES Kaoru don't hesitate to ask me for a side story :D !

Chapter 1

Arriving at Ouran- Chapter 1 ~

by: Mayusha
Hello, the name's Yumi. I'm your average school girl, born to a rich family. having a famous dog stylist as a mother and a successful lawyer as a father you may say i have quite the life. but if you ever try to look inside , not a sign of happiness will be found. all of these painful memories of my childhood friends , the one i loved the most , saying goodbye. they are all coming back to me ever since. they may have been twins but their personality was completely different then one another.
flashback-6 years ago
i was playing with my little pet dog , Inu, a gift from my mother's client. a dog who had puppies. she was a little alaskan malmute. as we continued playing at a flower field i saw two figures coming over , getting closer and closer. finally i saw it was two little boys, twins.
"hello" they both said smiling at me, their orange heads glowing in the sun.
"h-hello" i stuttered waving a bit at them.
they smirked at me as they asked-
"so what's your name ?" the one on the right asked pointing at himself he continued.
"I'm Hikaru and this is my brother Kaoru" he then pointed on the twin to the left.

"I'm Yumi , it's nice to meet you" i smiled
they came a little closer to observe what was behind my bacck as i turned around myself to see Inu barking lightly.

"That's a cute puppy you got there" Kaoru sent his hand to pet her. she gladly accepting.

"Say you wanna play a game?"

"yeah , i would love to !"

ever since that day we played in the fields, they learned about me and i learned about them , i could even finally seperate between them. but then the worst happened and.. and..

end of flashback
I felt tears on my cheeks as i stood before the huge pink building who looked like a castle. this was Ouran high. i quickly wiped the tears with my sleeve and carried my suitcase , starting to walk towards the entrance. suddenly i heard a loud bark behind me. Inu?!
my already six years old alaskan malmute at her full size ran over , barking. she stood up reaching over past my shoulders, these dogs WERE pretty huge at height.

"What the hell are you doing here ?! I'm not even sure if your allowed !" i scolded her as she flinched right back down, her ears down low.
i sighed petting her softly. how did she get all the way here anyway ?
well i guess i just have to ask , maybe they will let me have her here.
i pulled out my purple headphones plugging them to my Iphone. my favorite song came up immediately. it really calmed me down. i sighed once again , Inu following behind as i once again started walking towards the huge school building.

two twins sat by a big window , looking down they curiosly stared at a girl and a... dog?
suddenly memories of a friend from ago appeared in the older one's head. but he quickly shook the thought away , killing the option that it could be her.

All heads turned to look at Inu as we passed through. some of the girls said she was so cute , but others just stayed speechless.
i headed over to the headmaster's room only to see a blond with a blue uniform , probably a student. talking with whom seemed to be the headmaster. they totally looked like a father and son.
"e-excuse me ?" i bearly managed to squeak .
the blond student turned around staring at me for a moment and then at Inu , and right back at me again.
the headmaster looked shocked. figures.

"I'm really sorry but i am the new student , Yumi Kaminawa. i just wanted to ask if i can keep my dog here, you see she ran all the way just to see me and well.."

the headmaster spoke his voice low (creepy0-0)
"most certinaly n-"
"but of course , my princess" the blond cut him off taking my hand in his.
"Tamaki ! you cannot do such a thing !"
"relax father. have mercy on the poor new student, her dog came all the way here , you can't just send him back , now can you?"
so they are a father and son ! and i guess his name is Tamaki.

after a long quarrel, he surprisngly accepted.!
after we left his room i bowed towards Tamaki.

Arigato. Tamaki-kun was it ?"
he looked at me dreamily.
he suddenly pulled me running as fast as the wind up the stairs , Inu started barking madly, chasing him.
"W-what the hell are you doing ?!"

"well you are the perfect fit to be our first ever hostess."
he looked at me proudly. still running through pink corridor.
hostess?. the guy just met me and he think i am fit for that kind of job ? i was utterly confused.

i saw a sign by the door as he finally stopped.
-Music room 3#-
hmm.. a music hostess perhaps ?
just then i saw four figures approaching the door as well. Tamaki put me down . he ran towards them.
the first one looked like a.. girl.. he glomped her calling her his daughter? .__.
the second one had glasses and had jet black hair, he called him kyoya.
the last two were together, the small one on the tall one's shoulders. he laughed holding a pink rabbit as the tall one had a sort of a poker face .. ? :I
he called them honey sempai and mori sepmai .
and then ran over to me and pushed me over to them.
he explained the whole situation to them as they nodded , sighing.

"your at it again Tamaki semapi ?"

"hai. Yumi-Chan probably wants to live a normal life not getting involved with us."
Haruhi (was the "boy" who looked like a girl's name) then whispered to me. "run , just run away".
what could be so bad about this? before i could think further Tamaki opened the door and the first thing i saw were two figures sitting by the window. as they turned around i felt my heart sinking, my eyes widened at the sight of what i never expected to see again.

"H-hikaru ?, K-kaoru ?"
behind me Inu started barking loudly once again , as she ran towards them.

WOOT. hope you enjoyed this ! :D more episodes will be written soon <3


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