1D fan fic

Ok, so to lazy to type much in this. if anyone reads this story at all just know that it is a 1D fan fic...

Chapter 3

The tweet that ruined my life

"You're so very welcome," I say shoving the icecream0cone I bout Niall in his face. He wanted the x-tra large x-tra dipped double chocalate fudge one, which of course was the most expensive item on the menu. I got a regular vanilla. Harry said it's petite, like me. I threatened to smear my icecream all over his shirt.
He let it drop.
So... I throw Niall's icecream in his face and stalk over to a bench all of the boys are crowded around. They all seem to tense when I sit down. "What?" I ask, "Are you still afraid I'm going to go all fan-girl on you? I'm way passed that."
"Uh... Kris," Louis says.
I continue, not paying any attention. "If Lady Gaga were to come in here right now, I may go a little crazy but get over yourselves." I look up expecting a negative reaction but all the boys look freaked out of there minds.
"There's a bug on your shirt." Lou finishes.
I look down. Sure enough a wasp the size of my palm is landed on my chest. I scream dropping my icecream. The bug climbs up my neck and I see it's stinger. I smack it away and jump up and down like a child. "Where's it at?"
"It went down your shirt..." Liam says.
"Get it out!" I shout.
"No..." He says.
"Eww!" Louis shouts.
I scream and knock it out of my shirt onto the ground where it lands on my icecream. 1, 2, 3! I stomp on it. Dead wasp. Dead icecream. Could thing's get any worse.
Oh yes. They could.


Louis insisted a funeral for the wasp. So, while Niall, Harry, and Zayn were lapping on there icecream. Louis wrapped it in a napkin and said a few words about how bugs don't deserve gruesome deaths. He threw it in a dumpster and acctually cried.
I was out an icecream.
He was out a wasp.
Niall was two laughs deep.
And I think Zayn found my freak out show a little too funny.
I didn't think things could get any worse when all of sudden my phone beeped.... tweet!
I glance down. I foloow Louis Tomlinson on twitter, so my first reaction was that he was tweeting. he doesn't have a phone in his hand though. I look down at my cell. Tweet, @LouisTomlinson- The band and I are at Fudge N' Moore's meeting the fans, come see us!
I gap my mouth. "Louis, why would you say that?"
"Say what?" he looks up, icecream on his lower lip.
"Why would you give away where we're at?"
I hand him my phone that he nearly drops. All of the boys tower over him reading the tweet. Zayn fake slaps him. Harry gasps. Niall stuffs his face with ice cream and Liam look's like he is about to blow. Classic reactions...
"Why in the world would you do that mate?" Zayn asks.
"I didn't..." Louis fishes around in his pocket. His face grows red. "My phones gone, I had it locked on twitter."
That's when Liam goes off. "What have I told you about leaving your phone on twitter? Anyone could get on it!"
"We better get out of here," Niall says through laps of icecream.
"I need my phone!" Louis searches the ground.
"We can't stay," Liam hoists him up.
"Someone has your phone..." Harry explains.
I swear, at that, Louis almost cried. Harry leads the way to the car, come on. I take the time to throw away my icecream and follo after Niall who is still chowing down on his. We all pile in the car. Harry as driver, not sure if that's a good idea. The grumbling Louis takes shotgun. Liam piles in the back first, followed by Zayn leaving me stuck beside Niall. He grins at me shoving the icecream in my face. "Want some?"
"No thanks," I duck out of the way.
The car revs forward and I can all ready hear the screams of unwanted fan-girls.

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