1D fan fic

Ok, so to lazy to type much in this. if anyone reads this story at all just know that it is a 1D fan fic...

Chapter 2


"I WIN!" I shout not trying to rub it in Niall's face to bad. "I'M YO PINGPONG MASTA!"
Ok... so it took me like 15 try's to win. 3 hours of solid pingpong play and 10 Cokes. I still won! I think Niall took it easy on me that last point. It was match point. We were tied and he completely missed the serve. Can you believe that?
I still beat him.
So, shut-up.
Niall folds his arms and shakes his head slightly. "Does this mean I get to stay?"
Someone jumps out from the staircase. Harry's asleep on the couch... Liam's reffing and I'm pretty sure Zayn is upstairs fixing his hair...
"Crap! Louis, you scared me!"
Louis sighs grabbing the paddle out of my hand. "You can stay as long as you promise to NEVER pick up a pingpong paddle again."
"And stop stealing my Coke," Harry adds from the couch.
"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" I turn to him folding my arms.
Harry scratches the back of his neck standing up. He yawns, "your victory pallooza kind of defeated the purpose of my sleep."
"So it is a yes!" I jump up and down doing this little dance thing. YES! Niall rolls his eyes, he's so intimidated by my good looks and skills.
"Actually," I say. "On that last serve, I felt a little air..."
Louis whistles in between his teeth, "burn."
"Oh yah?" Niall take's tha paddle out of Louis' hand. "Let's settle this like men! Hardcore pingpong chmpionship now! Loser buy's icecream."
I chuckles, "So men drowned there worrie's in icecream."
"No, losers do."
I rips the other paddle out of his hand, "Oh it's on!"
Zayn then bounds down that stares at the exact moment of awkwardness. "This is a no KISSING zone."
My face get's red and the tips of Niall's ear pinken. Harry laughs and runs his finger through his hair. "Yes, no kissing in the basement, mom's rule." he snatches the pingpong paddle out of my hands. "But you play really badly... so... Me and Niall up first."
"WHAT?!" The worst but best idea scrawls through my mind and I follow through with it.
I lean forward, give harry a quick peck on the lips and rip tha paddle out of his hands. When I pull back he is utterly stunned his hands clutch at his sides and Louis shouts."No PDA in the basement."
I laugh and turn around ignoring Harry's reaction. I flip the paddle once in my hand. "Give me 5 minutes to practice, and I'll beat the snot out of you."
"Don't be so sure of yourself," Niall says. "I lost that ball."
"It's in you back pocket."
Zayn walks up behind Nial and pulls the pingpong ball out of his pocket. "Match starts now."
"Winner buys Icecream," Niall says.
"Volley for the serve," Zayn ignores Niall's little comment and we're off.
Guess who wins?
Not me...


"I win!" Niall shouts rubbing it so in my face. "I'M THE PINGPONG MASTER!"
So... he won the whole thing. Our game was done in about 5 minutes flat. I couldn't get the ball over the net to save my life. Although... the time I sneezed, I won the point. Niall shrieked like a little girl.
And I got a point. It was, in that time in the game. 13-1. Very well.
He beat me.
Louis was next.
He got creamed.
Then Harry put up a good fight for first. He lost by a serve. I think I'm that distracting. Liam refused to play, said he'd announce then winner. Then Zayn went up against Niall. he wasn't nearly as good but had a mean spinner ball. Niall slipped a couple of times but won it over in the end.
He's just lucky.
Niall stops dancing long enough to rubs his stomach. "You know, I think I'm hungry. We should go get icecream." he glares at me.
"Hey!" I shout, "I'm not the only one that lost..."
"You lost the worstest," Louis shouts.
I stomp on his foot really hard, "so, I played first the pressure was unbareable."
Louis grimaces. "You wanted to go first."
True that...
I turn to look at Harry with begging eyes. He shrugs me off. I frown and turn back to Niall. "Okay, I buy, but only for you the other losers can buy for themselves."
Niall smiles content. I consider using the paddle to knock him in the head but think twice and throw it into the wall instead. All the boys look at me like I'm insane. "Generally I get mad in the direction of north. I think that my homes that way." I point in the direction of the paddle lodged into the wall and bolt up the stairs. "SUCKERS! Pingpong aint my thing but just you wait!"
Shout of surprise come from behind me. I look back for one second and next thing i know is i am sent spiraling into a big guy. I really huge guy. Like 7 ft tall and he's armed. I shout and jump back.
"No running is premitted in this house, or your out." He says in a gruff voice.
I shuffle sideways. "Sure thing sir, I will crawl instead."
I get down on all fours and begin to make my way into the direction of north where my pingpong paddle is lodged in the wall. Sure enough i find my car soon. I get my wallet and all of a sudden the boys are there, dressed up in some awfully weird outfits. Zayn's in a wig and Louis has his hoody drawn low. Harry's whereing glasses and Niall is hiding behind a jacket. Liam looks decked out the most with glasses a hoody and a jacket. I sniffle and Harry brings out his keys.
"I drive?"
I nod. "You don't think you could sweet talk the icecream parlor into getting Nialler here some free icecream do you?"
I rub my pocket and groan. Someone elbows me, "Money burning a hole in your pocket eh?"
"Don't make bet's you wont win." I look up at Niall.
"Shut up or no icecream."
That's the best thing I've said in a while. He was silent the whole car ride.

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