1D fan fic

Ok, so to lazy to type much in this. if anyone reads this story at all just know that it is a 1D fan fic...

Chapter 1


Don't ask how I know One Direction. I just do. I mean, I grew up in the same area as The Harry Styles. Like OMG HARRY STYLES! No joke. Now, don't go all fan girl on me. I hate that. But, I do know a member of your favorite british boy band, so it's fine to get a little siked.
Harry has been gone for a while. I have to admit, I missed him a smidge. I may also be a little jealous of all the fame and stuff but I seriously missed him while he was on X-Factor. He had to change his phone number so he wouldn't get harrassed by all the fan girls, so i haven't kept in touch. Now, he's coming back to his home town. And, I'll get to see him. A long with the band.
I'm excited!
A little. but you can't tell that right? Good.
Tata for now.
Wait, I'm back. Bet you're glad.
Forgot to tell you my name. I'm Kris, smae age as Harry. Blah, blah, blah. You'll learn more soon.


I knock on the Style's door. Twice. It creaks open slowly. The whole house is pitch black, like no one is there but I'm positve. I get the feeling that someone is watching me through the peep whole. I roll my eyes slightly and whisper. "I'm here to see Harry, my friend."
The door opens a little wider, "harry isn't here right now."
I notice that it is a man standing behind the door. Deffinitally not one of Harry's friends. He's older, wearing sunglasses. A little bit taller then Harry, if he'd coime into the light I'd be able to make out a bit more.
I sigh and fold my arms over my chest. "Of course he is. Tell him Kris is here. He'll come."
The door shut's with not a reply and I stand there waiting feverishly. Finally, after 10 minutes of waiting the door opens back up and I see Harry. I jump into his arms and he stumbles back.
"HARRY!" I say into his shoulder. "Your whole house is on lock down."
"Shhhhhh," he says lightly pushing the door close behind him. There's darkness everywhere.
Harry doesn't say a thing as he leads me through twists and bend in the dark house. i see a shadow at every corner. All eyes on me. Harry just pushes me through the corridors like it's no big deal until we reach a staircase.
"Go down Kris," Harry says.
Glad to know it's him...
I stiffly walk down the stairs. This is like in the whitehouse. Guards at every corner... shadows everywhere. It's like you're getting stalked by your own ghost. I reach the basement which is all lit up in an open space.
A table is in the center and I hear a faint click click of... ping pong? Three boys surround a table. One playing as the reff. The other to are smacking a ball back and fourth. The blond one looks up at me. Our eyes meet and he freezes. The ball soars right past him.
The one on the other side of the court bounces up and down. he's got a roughness that radiates off him. "My point!"
His eyes follow the blondes and I'm getting stared down. The ref turns arounds. he's got justin beiber hair and big brown puppy dog eyes. I shrink back a bit. "Am I intruding?"
"Yes, actually you are," The blonde one says. I knew he didn't like me...
I turn back to Harry, "I'm sorry. I should go, I just wanted to say hi to you."
"Guys," Harry says. "This is my friend Kris, she's not a phsyco fan-girl that I've brought back from the streets..."
The rougher guy shrugs pushing up his collar. "She ain't another girl..."
"Ping pong!" I say taking the paddle out of his hand. "Here, I win, I stay. Blondey, you're up."
"The name's Niall," he says in a thick hot accent.
I try hard not to faint. I know that name now. This is One Direction. I'm a fan-girl, kinda. I'll try to keep my cool.
"Look, I know you've got your little party going on and I'm sorry." I turn back to Harry, "But you get to hang out with the coolest guy I know for 24/7 when I haven't seen him in the last 3 years."
I pause and look at Harry who's blushing- bad.
Oh Harry... he'll never learn.
I sigh, "Have anything to say Niall?"
Niall holds up a ping pong ball. "First to 20?"

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