One Direction Preferences

Exactly what da title says.
And hey, send me topics, too. c:

Chapter 1

Your boyfriends breaks up with you & he comforts you.


"LIAM YOU DON'T GET IT, I'M GOING TO BE FOREVER ALONE AND I'M GOING TO BE FORCED TO LIVE IN A CAT INFESTED HOUSE AND I'LL HAVE TO CALL THEM MY BABIES AND I WON'T EVER LEAVE THE HOUSE THIS IS HUMILIATING." You said the last couple of words before weeping. You threw your phone across the room and laid on the couch on your face. Moments after you stopped crying, you see Liam on all fours with a belt hanging on his butt. "Meow, I love you [Y/N] don't cry. Meow." You crack a smile and open your arms, having Liam crawl over to you.

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