Short Quibblo Survey

Chapter 1

Let's begin...

What's your username and nickname?

Is it your real name?
No, it's a nickname/pen name I've used.

How long have you been a part of quibblo?
Almost five years...this used to be me:

Did you keep Quibblo as a friend?
yep, I did.

Who is in your profile image?
Just me.

Does your profile tell the truth, age, photo, info?
yep, everything is true.

How many...
friends do you have? 250
quizzes/Stories you've made? 163
quizzes/stories you've taken? 3295

Who made the last quiz you took?

Who wrote the last story you read?

How long have you known your top friends?
Andy (leniknik), I've known for about 7 years. Ithilwen (Quister) has been my friend on here for a few years, marcoi for 5-6 months, m3rcy616 I'd say about a year, Ozchris only a couple of months.

Which one of them makes the best quizzes?
Well Ithilwen's quizzes are obviously quite popular ;) but they all have good quizzes or stories. Some just make more than others.

Who has been your friend the longest?
Well, other than Quibblo haha it's been Andy (leniknik)

What's the best thing about quibblo?
I love taking quizzes, that's why I joined so long ago. I also like meeting new people and learning about what they're interested in (this is probably the best site to connect with people, I think).


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