Read if your feeling anything less than perfect.

Please read, then Please watch.

Chapter 1

Your perfect to me.

No matter what your perfect to me. You might be hated by the world, left alone by all, but I want to be the one that stands by your side through everything. But I can't help you unless you ask for my help. If you ever feel hurt or alone, or less than perfect, message me. I want to be there for you. I am willing to love you, if your willing to let me. I don't want to see anyone hurting. Message me. People ask for help, and all I will do is offer, because in the end its up to you weather or not you get help.

Watch this:

Its an amazing song.

If you every feel less than perfect, remember your perfect to me. If you ever need someone to talk to Im here, but you have to take the first step and message me.

Love ya's
Love always,


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