War of Lost Memories.

Hello peeps =] New group story with the amazing author SoupBowler aka Kynnie, aaka Lea :)

Chapter 1


"Draven. Sit up please." I groaned, not opening my eyes or even bothering to move. "Draven, please." My nurse Ellie pleaded. I sighed and pulled myself up, ready to flop back down again. My waist length black hair flew untidily to one side. "Come and have breakfast with the other inmates." She said. "Inmates" Makes this place seem like a prison, oh wait it's basically a mental prison. Except I'm not mental, or maybe I am. I really don't know anymore. They say I'm a danger to myself sometimes, but that's just lies. I stretched, yawning and blinking my unusually, strange, bright green eyes. "I'll dress." I gave her a smile that probably said something like "get the hell out!" I'm so harsh on her though, but she doesn't believe me and I'm so pissed of people not believing me. But sometimes I can't believe myself. It's so hard.

Yeah, you guessed, I'm in an asylum. It's only a minor one though, no really ill people. They say my condition isn't even a condition, that I'm just "confused" or trying to get attention, or some other shit like that. Maybe I'm just crazy. False memories. Well screw them all. I gazed around at my bleak, pale room. It had been my home for 2 years now after my last foster parents started to get really concerned about me. Talking gets you into a whole lot of trouble, trust me. I got dressed into a denim play-suit and some pale blue flats. Pity, we're not allowed make-up. Oh well, I sneak some in anyway and if they tell me to take it off I tell them to shove it up their ass, so they let me wear it anyway. Ellie doesn't like to argue with me because she wants to be my friend, likely. I coated my lips with a thin layer of pink lip-gloss and curled my eyelashes with mascara. Sighing, I marched down the stairs to the dining hall where everyone else sat eating plain cereal. Ellie was standing by the back doors holding a clipboard and talking to a tall bald man with glasses. He looked important. My stare was broken by the rude canteen lady. "Are you going to take some cereal or what?" She snapped. I averted my eyes to her. "Oh no, I'm on hunger-strike." I growled sarcastically, grabbing a bowl of revolting looking cereal from the line. I didn't even get milk to make it more moist. People must think I'm weird because I don't take milk in my cereal. I seem to be the only one to not do it. But then again, people find me weird anyway, I don't have any friends. It's so lonely and enough to make you go mad! Oh, forgot, I already am "mad." I sat down at the far end, on my own at a small table. This was where I ate every meal. I spooned my cornflakes slowly, savouring every mouthful. It's not like you'd expect 5-star meals from an asylum, so your expectations are usually about right every time.

Once I'd finished it was socialising time, which I didn't care about as I had no one to socialise with, so most days I spent that time moping around in my room like a loser. I opened up a book about two best friends who liked the same guy, but he happened to be a complete jerk who caused them both to break friends and spread rumours about eachother. Sometimes an asylum seems a tiny bit better than high school, but not always so much. Ellie came in and sat on my bed. "Hi." She said. I let out a simple "hey." and pretended to be interested in my book. "You should go down and join the others." I made it clear I didn't want to."They hate me." Now leave me alone. I mouthed. She couldn't take a hint.
"You can't have this attitude in life Draven! Imagine how big your future would be it you looked at things positively!" I grunted. "What future? Being stuck in an asylum my whole life doesn't seem to be that "big."
"Don't be silly! You'll get out very soon! We're pleased with your progress and-"
"I'm never getting out of this fvcking asylum." I muttered angrily to her. It was obvious she was lying.
"Of course you are! Your condition is improving, it's obvious you've left those fake ideas behind!"
"What fvcking condition!?!? I don't have one! You just won't believe me! No one will! You think I'm crazy or stupid or just an attention seeker just like everyone else! I'm not crazy! I'll show you all!"
I pushed past her, breaking into a run as I headed for the stairs. Luckily as this was a minor asylum the security was crap! I leaped over the fence and couldn't stop myself from crying as I reached the woods. My hand reached out to the rough bark and stroked it. A cold chill went up my arm and my blood ran cold...

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