Man out of time (Captain America Love story IKR!)

Colette Jones is an ordianry girl. That is until she meets our handsome and dashing Steve Rogers. But when a new threat arrives, and terrorizes the world, can Steve protect Colette, and still be and Avenger at the same time?

Set after the Avengers cuz then I'd have to write bad things about Loki. You never thought I liked an Avenger did you? Well I olny like one really... Although Hawkeye aint' bad, Cap. America is my favorite. I know Chpt one may be a bit rushed, but I wanted it like that.

Chapter 1

Phone numbers

by: 68687
Colette walked down the avenue, going to the coffee shop. Her light brown hair was a bit wet from the lightly falling snow. This was one of the rare un-damaged sidewalks. New York was still under major construction, since the Aileen attack six months ago.

The coffee shop came into view, and since it wasn't too cold outside, she decided to sit outside. Colette saw that the only non snow covered table was partially occupied by a young man reading a newspaper. She went inside, and ordered her coffee, then went back outside and,

"Is this seat occupied?" Collette asked politely. The man looked up from his newspaper.

"No, you can sit here if you want." He said, with a small smile. Collette sat down, and began reading her book while sipping at her coffee.

"I'm Steve." The man said. Collette smiled.

"My names Collette. Nice meeting you Steve." She said. Steve smiled again. Funny, when people talk and introduce names they're usually smiling.

Steve liked this girl. Collette had stormy grey eyes, and light brown hair. Her skin had a very light tan, and a few freckles dotted her nose. She had pink lips, and white perfectly straight teeth. She was perfect in Steve's mind.

"So Steve, what do you do?" Collette asked.

"Oh. Funny you should ask. Most people don't believe me when I say this," Steve explained. "I'm... Um... Captain America. I don't like showing it off to people..."

Collette beamed. "If my father were here, he'd ask for you to autograph everything he has on him. You see, his dad told him stories about you. My grandpa, he said he knew you or something." Collette explained.

"But the thing is... That was seventy years ago." Collette said.

"Well... That is a very long story, of how I'm not dead, and still very young."

"Tell me about it. I'd love to listen." Collette said smiling.

"Well... So after I crashed the plane, I was frozen in ice for seventy years, until people found the crashed plane, and they found me frozen, and amazingly alive. And I didn't age a bit underneath the ice." Steve explained.

"Cool. Wow, my father will envy me forever when I tell him I met you." Collette giggled.

"And what do you do Collette?" Steve asked.

"I work at Stark's, and I'm a part time free lance writer." She said.

"Nice. I know Stark. He is... Annoying." Steve said, still smiling. Collette laughed.

"Yes he is a bit. I am his assistant. His new one at least." Collette explained.

"Hey, we should keep in touch. You seem pretty interesting." Steve said. "Do you have a phone number?"
Collette scribbled down her number, and gave it to him.

"Call me any time Steve." She said. When they both realized the time, and the fact that Steve was late for an Avengers meeting, they said their goodbyes, and parted. Each still holding the little slip of paper with the phone number


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