Time Turner (A Hogwarts Group Story)

Main Characters:
Frank Johnson
Ara Carina Specks
Rhonda Black
Dennis Creevey

Other Characters of Lesser Importance:
Minerva McGonagall
Sirius Black
Nymphadora Tonks
Hermionie Granger
Draco Malfoy
Lord Voldemort
John Specks

Can they defeat Voldemort and return to their own time? Read on!
No seriously, read on.

Chapter 2

Frank Johnson POV

"This in infuriating." I grumbled.

"What's wrong?" Ara asked.

I turned to point at the large group of students gathered down the table.
"Them! Ever since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, everyone's been going crazy over him. Now that's he's back in Hogwarts to retake his seventh year, all the girls are going nuts over there trying to get his autograph! I can't eat my meal with such a din!"

Ara raised an eyebrow. "I think you're just jealous."

I flicked him off. "Please, jealous of who? Harry?"

Ara stared at Harry dreamily. "He did kill Voldemort, you know. He saved the wizarding world."

Today was Hogwarts' students first day back at school since Voldemort was defeated.
Now that he had been vanquished, no one felt the need to adress him as You-Know-Who anymore.
Ara and I were seated at the Gryffindor table, trying to eat and have a normal conversation.

With a sudden hush, the Great Hall went quiet as Headmistress McGonagall stood up.

"Attention! Quiet everybody! I have a few, announcements to make before we head back to our dormitories." she called over the din.

"First, we have a few new teaching positions this year. Now that i am taking over as headmistress, we are going to need a Transfiguration Teacher. Allow me to introduce, Professor Rhonda Black!"

Our new Transfiguration teacher stood up. She was dressed in black, almost like a goth. She had black eyes, but they seemed to be full of warmth, so I wasn't too afraid. What really unhinged me about Professor Rhonda Black was that she looked like someone famous, someone I saw in a newspaper before i think.
Then thats when I remembered her surname. Black.

"You think she's related to Sirius?" I asked Ara.

"Sirius? Sirius who?" Ara asked.

"Sirius Black, of course!"

Ara stared at me for awhile.

"C'mon, Black's not such a common surname. Plus she looks a lot like Sirius from those wanted Posters in the Daily Prophet two-four years ago." I argued.

Ara scratched her chin. "Honestly, i dont really care."

I was about to say something else when Professor McGonagall cleared her throat.

"We are also in need of a new DADA teacher. Please allow me to introduce, Professor Clapjack!"

Prof Clapjack stood up.
He had one seriously funny handlebar moustache, and his eyes were obscured by wide glasses.
"Damn, he looking a little weird tho, haha!" I laughed, earning myself Ara's complimentary death stare.

"Oh and we still have two more announcements. I have appointed Professor Slughorn as Head of Slytherin House. Also, Firenze, our Divinations Teacher, has gone back to reside in the forest, which means we are reinstating Professor Trelawney permanently."

Great, if i had to retake another year of Professor Trelawney and her stupid predictions, i think i'd rather throw myself off the Astronomy Tower.
That night, I was seated in front of the fireplace with Ara and Dennis Creevey.

"Hey guys, I just got the best idea ever!" I said.

"Not more of your "best ideas ever"..." Ara sighed.

"I wouldn't mind, this dream journal's boring me anyway." Dennis said, setting his Divination homework down."

I smirked. "How would you guys like to visit the Room of Requirement?"
"Frank, c'mon, let's not do this. I dont want to get caught!" Ara protested.

"Just stay cool." I said.

Ara, Dennis and I were standing outside the Fat Lady's portrait, looking up and down the corridors.

"We're just going for a short midnight walk. It'll be fine." I reasoned.

"What is your definiton of fine if we get caught by Filch? Or worse, Peeves! And the prefects are patrolling the corridors!" Ara protested.

"Ara's got a point." Dennis said

"You guys...it's just ONE midnight walk. Dont you ever want to do something rebellious? You know, do something thrilling? Life isn't always about rules, you know...Besides, dont tell me you guys wanna pass up an oppurtunity to check out the Room of Requirement." I said.

"Frank's got a point too." Dennis said

"Would you three just make up your minds on whether you are leaving or staying already? I can't sleep with all your bickering!" The Fat Lady said, scowling.

Ara stomped her foot.

"Fine, I guess we can go for a walk. But if we get caught out of bed, you guys promise to take the fall!"

I rolled my eyes at Ara and walked onwards, Dennis and Ara trailing behind.
"Here it...pant pant...here it is....pant huff huff..." I panted, trying to sweep my hand across the large banner that covered the door to the room of requirement.

Only moments ago, Ara, Dennis and I had been ducking and running and hiding from Filch and Mrs Norris.

Ara slapped my shoulder.

"If Filch catches us, it's all your fault!" she growled.

"Dont worry, i think we lost him back at the 4th floor." Dennis panted.

In the meantime, i turned to regard the large wall that concealed the Room Of Requirement.

"Okay, i think i know how to get in."

"Ya think?" Dennis asked .

"Yeah, i think i remember Dumbledore mentioning something about how to get in when i bumped into him at the Yule Ball four years ago. We gotta concentrate on where we want to go and walk across the wall 3 times."

And so we walked.

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and...

Dennis grabbed my hand.


In front of my eyes, we stared as a large door started to form in the large wall.

"The Room of Requirement." I marveled.
Dennis, Ara and I pushed open the door and walked in.

"Look, this is the place where Harry Potter trained the DA!" Dennis gasped excitedly.

There were bookcases and pillows scattered on the floor.
Several hammocks hung from the ceiling and broken Death Eater mannequins were cluttered in a far corner.
Several large cupboards and cabinets occupied the remaining available space.

Ara and Dennis started wandering around, opening books and cabinets and admiring the stuff they found.

"See guys? Totally worth it!" I scoffed matter-of-factly.

"Hey check it out!" Dennis cried.

"A Dark Detector!"

"And a Sneakascope!"

"And Foe Glass!"


Dennis and I turned to Ara, who had cried out. She was looking through a small wooden chest.
She extracted something small from the rummage of cluttered stuff inside. It looked something like a locket, but when she held it up to the light i recognised it as a...

"Time Turner!" Ara exclaimed.

Dennis and I hurried over.

"Cool!" Dennis said.

"Quick, let's use it!" he cried and tried to tug the Time Turner away from Ara.

"Stop it, that's mine, you Flobberworm!" yelled Ara, which must have been severe profanity for her.

Their hands grappled for the Time Turner and to my horror, I noticed a small crack gleaming on the polished surface.

"Guys, no! You're gonna break it!" I yelled and grabbed the Time Turner, trying to pry it from Ara and Dennis.

The three of us tugged the Time Turner in separate directions and i felt my thumb set on a button on the side of the device.

All i heard was a metallic click.
Then the time Turner started ticking backwards and the world started spinning.
I vaguely remember tripping on myself.
My hand landed off the Time Turner and it tore apart in Ara and Dennis's hands.

The world stopped spinning and for a moment I thought nothing was wrong.
Then I noticed the Room of Requirement looked different.

The hammocks, pillows and Death Eater Dummies had all vanished.
All that remained in the room were bookcases, cabinets and the remains of the Time Turner.

"Look what you've done!" yelled Dennis, furious and oblivious to the differences in the room.
"You broke it!"

Ara looked like she'd been slapped.
"Me? YOU broke it!"

"We all broke it!" I yelled.

Which was a big mistake because almost immediately after I opened my mouth, they both turned on me and yelled "Frank broke it!"

I held up my hands in silent surrender.
"Guys, let's not point fingers at anyone for the moment. First things first, we should get out of here."

"Why?" asked Ara.

"Because you broke the damn thing and I think i might have set it off by accident in the scuffle. In case you two havent noticed there are certain differences with this damn room!?"

Ara and Dennis looked around, as if only just noticing how different the Room of Requirement had become.

"Come on, let's get out and see how many hours we went back in time." I grumbled.

We left the Room of Requirement.
The fifth floor looked same as always, but it was no longer midnight.
Bright daylight streamed through the windows.

We rushed down to the Great Hall.
"I'll just peep in." Dennis said.
"You know, make sure our younger selves aren't there."

He looked through the doors of the Great Hall for the moment and I saw him scanning the area.
Then his brow furrowed in worry.
"Guys!" he called and we rushed over to him.

When i poked my head through the doors of the Great Hall, at first i didnt notice anything strange.

But then I realised there was something wrong with the Teacher's Table.

Ara gasped.
"Is that Ronald Weasley?"

Then Dennis gasped.
"Oh my gosh, where are the other teachers? Is that Hermionie? And Neville? And Lavender and Dean?"

Hermionie sat in the Charms teacher's seat, Neville in Herbology, Lavender in Divination, Dean in Muggle Studies and a whole bunch of other students sat at the teacher's table, all of them aged into their mid-thirties. Even Ron found a place as Headmaster Of Hogwarts!

"Get in! Maybe the students can tell us what's going on." I said, pushing Ara and Dennis forward into the Great Hall.

No one looked twice at us, so i guess either we couldn't be seen or they didnt find us suspicous.

The three of us sat down at the Gryffindor Table where we roused the attention of several students sitting near us.

"Hey!" said a perky girl next to Ara.

"I haven't seen you here before. Are you a new student? If so, why are you a fifth-year and not a first-year?" she asked.

"Um, I'm Ara." Ara said cautiously.

"I'm Minerva." the girl smiled.

"Minerva? As in McGonagall?" Ara gasped, her eyes as wide as Galleons.

The 15 year old Prof McGonagall nodded.
Then she turned to the other guys next to her.

"Hey guys, check these three out."

The other 4 people she was talking to turned to look at Ara.

"Hey, I'm Robert Clapjack." said one black-haired guy.

"And I'm Nick." said another teenager.

"Prof Clapjack? Nearly Headless Nick?" whispered Dennis.

Ara turned almost warily to the last two Gryffindors.

"And...and who a-are...y-you?" she stuttered, her face wide with shock and her lip trembling.

The boy and girl seated at the end smiled at her.

"I'm Sirius," said the curly haired boy.

Then he turned to wrap an arm around the shoulder of the girl next to him.

"And this is Rhonda Black, my twin sister."

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