my out look on life ( you might wanna read)

Chapter 1

you might wanna read

i don't see the glass as half full. or half empty. i see it as broken. like everything eles. life is a broken glass. why? it just is. nothing more nothing less..... nothing less nothing more....... how can people think life is good? WAKE UP! it ain't! IT AIN'T! wake up! WAKE THE FVCK UP! life is not good! life is hard and will NEVER be easy! i cry but no one is there to let me cry on their shoulder! i am the girl who no one likes. you think life is good because your well liked? WELL GUESS WHAT SISTER? by the time you leave school your just another person! ANOTHER FVCKIN PERSON! SO DON'T COME CRYING TO ME ALL SORRY WHEN IM A AUTHOR AND YOUR A HOBO CUZ I WILL JUST SAY WELL THEN YOU SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN SO MEAN! WAKE UP GIRL LIFE AINT NO DREAM ANYMORE! iuve been to h3ll and back......... AND NO ONE GUIDED ME! WANNA KNOW WHY? NO ONE CARED! NO ONE GAVE A FVCKIN DAM! WHY? NO ONE CARED ABOUT IF I WAS ALIVE OR ON THE FLOOR DEAD! i am the girl no one likes. why? becuase. im the one who has no use


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