The Last Games (A Hunger Games Group Story)

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London Samuelson-bored_chic1002

Who will win the Hunger Games?

Or is everything as it seems?

Chapter 1

The Reaping (Will's POV)


I need water.

My vision cleared. The bright hot sun shone down ever so mercilessly at me, the sweltering hot weather scorching every bit of my skin.

My dry throat clogged up. My eyelids fluttered. I couldn't survive this.
My fists clenched up with the hot sand. I gritted my teeth.

"NO! I won't give up!" I yelled.

I turned on my back, trying to crawl over to the grey, wooden cabin. It was right there, so close and yet so far.

Water. There has to be water in that cabin.

Water. Water.

I crawl frantically, dragging my body across the sand.

I am almost there. My hand has just rested on the steps that lead up to the cabin when the door opens.

Out from the cabin steps out a masked figure, cloaked in black and wearing chainmail armour.
He carries a gleaming sword.

" don't want to die! PLEASE! I'll do ANYTHING!" I yell.

I grab the helm of his cloak and look up into his cold black eyes.
Eyes which betray no mercy.
Eyes which shine with delight as their master strikes his sword down on my neck.

I jerked awake from my horrifying nightmare, nearly trampling on my little brother Jake, who was just laughing away.

"You little mink!" I yelled and frantically gave chase as he ran round the house, squealing and laughing.

When I finally get to him, he's sitting at the dining table, helping himself to breakfast.

"Who taught you those words anyway? WTF?" I asked, sitting down across him.

"That girl next door, Christina. WTF UP. Wake The Fvck Up." he grinned.

"You're much too young to learn bad words." I said, spreading cheap marmalade on my bread.

"Not too young to join the Hunger Games..." he said and looked down.

"Hey...what did I tell you last night? No talking about the Hunger Games unless you're actually chosen. It's your first time, Jake. You'll be fine." I said soothingly.
That day, I led Jake down the street to the Town Square.

As we walked, I happened to pass a lot of my friends, who were all wishing me luck.
Jake, if it was possible, looked even more scared.

I squeezed his shoulder lightly as we got to the Peacekeepers.

"I'm gonna take your blood." growled a pale, fanged Peacekeeper, wearing a Cheeseburger hat.

Or at least that was what I told Jake to imagine.
It was the only way to get him to not feel scared as The Peacekeeper pricked off some of Jake's blood.

"Bye, Will." Jake said, waving goodbye as we headed to our different age-sections.

I stepped into the 16 year old boys' section.

"Yo." said David as I joined him and Byron.

"Did you see the mayor?" Byron asked, smiling slightly despite the nerve-wracking circumstances of the Reaping.

I turned to look at the Mayor of District 12.

He looked pale and sweaty, even more so if possible.

"Why does he look so nervous?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard?" David asked. "The Peacekeepers caught him messing with the tribute bowl. Turns out he was trying to steal the paper slips with his daughter's name on them. Too bad he was caught. Now for his punishment, 12 more sllips with his daughter's name was added into the bowl."

"Damn." I muttered.
"And now, we will choose the female tribute." Effie smiled.

We were almost at the end of the ceremony.
Effie Trinket stood on the stage, her hands already flitting around in the tribute bowl, scooping out a name.

"London Samuelson."

I barely take notice of the female tribute, I was too busy biting my lips and praying silently that me and Jake would not be chosen for male tribute.

But then I see London as she walks up on stage.

"Oh my gosh," I mutter under my breath as I look at her, remembering her from my childhood. "It's HER!"

I am so shocked at seeing London again that I am totally unprepared for the biggest shock of my life.

"William Cole."

My little brother flies into my arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

It has been 10 minutes since my name was drawn from the tribute bowl.
Jake and my dad have come to see me.

My dad walks over and for a moment, all three of us stay in the group hug.
I can feel my heart collapsing in sorrow as I hug the three people I love the most so dearly, not wanting to let go.

I can vaguely hear shouts coming from the next room, where London is in, but I pay no heed.
All that matters is me and my family.

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