Magic Story

1st ever attempt at a contest.. or writing for that matter

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Chapter 1

Princess and Agnes

by: Screw_it
There once was a lonely ladybug in the faraway land of “Nowhere”. Her name was Princess but that by no means described her life. When she was young she lived with her mother. She was loved, cared for, and wanted. She was special and she knew it. Momma told her so. One day everything changed. Everyone around her became jealous and spiteful because Princess was so beautiful. So perfect.

Everyone began to look down on her. They were mean to her. They hurled horrible names and hurt her. Princess cried and ran home to safety but that had changed too. Momma wouldn’t smile. She wasn’t happy. She now despised Princess and made sure she knew it. Slowly day by day the world pounded these messages into her heart. That she was ugly, bad, unwanted, unneeded, unimportant..Princess was strong but she broke under the weight of these heavy words, Princess changed..Hardened. She no longer loved or enjoyed the world around her, her life.

One day she couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much for her to bear. She flew away. She was so angry, so hardened to the world..her feelings propelled her farther and farther. When her wings gave out she was alone in the middle of a grassy field. She’d never flown so far from home before but she didn’t care. She wanted, needed to be alone. She no longer trusted or wanted to see anyone again.

She began to slowly crawl down the narrow path before her. It had gotten very cold and dark. The wind bit at her as it blew past. It was now almost black and she could barely see the road before her..She soon became very tired and laid down right where she was. There were many creeping sounds throughout the night but Princess didn’t care. She was no. longer fearful. She was indestructible.

Early in the morning, before she was awake someone slammed into her. She was mad. Ready to rip into whoever had hit her, she turned to see their face. She was stunned, awestruck. Before her eyes was a blue ladybug, unlike any she’d encountered before. Princess was surprised but ready. She easily built a brick wall between herself and the little blue bug, wall of painful words and hate. Princess waited for the bug to fly away, maybe even to cry. Princess just wanted to be alone again. Things were easier that way..less painful. But much to her chagrin the little bug smiled. She introduced herself as Agnes. Princess didn’t smile back..or say anything for that matter. She just stared. Princess turned and continued down the path. Agnes followed, and not quietly at that. For hours Princess walked trying to ignore the little bug as she rambled on and on. Princess thought she’d rather be home and hated then stuck here with this annoying bug!

Princess tried many times to lose the bug; flying, stopping, darting about. It wasn’t working. Finally Princess turned and told Agnes, the little blue bug to “go away! I hate you! You’re ugly! And weird too!” Agnes still didn’t leave but returned the comments with, “I like you. You’re very pretty. You are my friend” Frustrated, Princess trudged on. She covered her ears and sang loudly to cover Agnes’s voice. But the little blue bug continued on.

For weeks this continued. Eventually Princess quit caring. She began to listen to Agnes as she recanted the story of her own life, about being blue, and finally how she wound up alone. It was indeed a sad story..but it was nothing compared to Princess’s. After awhile, Agnes’s kind words started penetrating Princess’s hard shell. She listened intently and even enjoyed the company of the little bug. She felt a tiny ping of happiness hidden deep inside.

Then a voice inside her spoke. It was a very familiar one. It breathed into her heart, “Stop Princess! Run away! You’ve seen this before. She only wants to hurt you! Everyone hates you! She is no different! She doesn’t care! Nothing ever changes. End it now!” Princess was conflicted. She trusted the voice inside. She’d always done what it told her. It was always right. But..but Agnes was—dare she say it—her friend. And it didn’t hurt her as much as she thought it would. Still she was unsure.

One day Agnes no longer just talked. She began asking questions of Princess as well. She asked about her past..her life.. Princess became scared. This was something she did not want. As Agnes continued on, Princess’s mood changed drastically, the weather along with it. The sky grew dark and the shell lining Princess’s heart began to harden once more. She couldn’t face this. It was just too hard!

All of the sudden Princess began to yell. She screamed out her story, her life. She told every disgusting, hateful, and evil thing that had been done to her. She continued to on to call herself ugly, stupid, worthless, evil, and alone. She kept screaming at Agnes. She turned her anger on the small bug. She pulled out her most hurtful and damaging words. She attacked Agnes, made fun of her, told her she was ugly because she was blue, and that her true reason for being alone was that she was no more than dirt and deserved nothing more than she got.

With these final words Agnes shed a tear and then another. Princess now saw just what she had done. She’d hurt Agnes, torn her apart. In just a few minutes she had destroyed the one good thing she had left in her life. She had been wrong. She couldn’t take it. She flew off into the darkness that was a violent storm. In a small voice behind her she heard Agnes cry out, “wait!!” Princess didn’t care. She flew.

The wind and rain beat at her frail wings. She bobbed and struggled to continue on. Her wings hurt so much but she flew anyway. Finally she was struck by a strong wind. She was so high up..but she stopped. She chose to fall, to give up. It was all she deserved. She wanted the pain the landing would bring. She hoped for it as she quickly approached the dirt.

At the last minute she landed, but not hard. She landed on something other than the ground. She was moving. She looked down into the darkness but all she could make out was a faint blue beneath her. For an hour, maybe more, she continued like this. It became slowly warm, but still Agnes, the little blue bug carried her friend.

When she finally lowered her to the ground she asked, “Princess, are you okay?” Stunned, Princess did not answer but stared at the blue ladybug. She was so confused. She didn’t know what to say but Agnes did, “ I followed you through the storm. I was so scared. I saw you fall, so I caught you.” Princess spoke but one word, “why?” She waited but continued with no response. “Why did you catch me? Didn’t you hear those horrible things I said to you? Why are you still here Agnes?”

Agnes looked up at Princess and smiled, “I am here because I love you. You are my best friend. Without you I am nothing but a silly blue bug. Princess, you deserve better than death. You’re different Princess. You have a hard exterior but a beautiful heart. You don’t see it and you don’t understand who it is that you are. I don’t expect you to. Not yet anyway. But listen to me. What I say to you is the truth. You have indeed hurt me but I understand. I forgive you before you begin. God loves you and has made you perfectly. Someday you will see, life can be better. I know it seems scary and hard to believe now. You don’t want to trust. But know that I love you and will continue to be here for you until you understand and then some. Your friendship is a blessing. Thank you.”

Princess didn’t know what to do. She hugged the little bug and cried but said nothing. The two bugs turned and continued down their path, but this time, together. Over time Princess found safety and acceptance in the little blue ladybug’s friendship. It took a long time but the two became the closest friends. They found strength in each other and continued on for the rest of their lives.



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