Truth or Dare? With Fred and George: it's quite a scare. (ONESHOT!!!!! HOGWARTS/OC/TWINS/OTHER-PEOPLE/AWESOMENESS!!!!!! :D)

ok sooooooo i wanted to do a oneshot! Though its kinda long sooo whateves!
Now I know what your thinking: why the hell does this phsyco ugly biitch always use the Weasley Twins as some of her main characters!? GRAWR!?
well let me tell you...CAUSE ITS MY STORY AND I CAN!! I FVCKING LOVE THOSE GINGERS!!! you dont like it? dont read. so there!
oh and she's in Fred and George's year :)

Chapter 1

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the stupid A things are supposed to be quotation marks, sry

"SSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" A voice yelled behind me and I jumped as my best friend Trish jumped over the back of the couch.

"Yes?" I ask with wide eyes.

"Are you going? Are ya are ya are ya!?" she demands.

"Going where? And how much coffee have you had today!?" I ask.


“You mean the one that the Weasley twins put together?” I ask.

“No, the one your mom put together, YES FRED AND GEORGE’S!!” she yelled.

“Ok 1) stop yelling at me 2) you’ve had WAY too much coffee and 3) I don’t know, maybe.” I tell her.

“1) I apologize, 2) haha-no. 3) Change that to a yes. Because I want to go and I am not going without you my beautiful compadre!” she told me, “Come on! You’re a Gryffindor, act like it! Take some risks, have fun!”

I sigh, “Fine…but can you pack my bag for me? I have to go do something real quick.”

“Sure thing, good buddy!” she said hopping up and going upstairs. I stood as well and went through the portrait hole, saying hello to the Fat Lady on my way. I hurried through the halls before finally reaching the kitchens.

As I tickle the pear the portrait swings open and I’m instantly greeted by house elves. I smile at them as I greet a few. I knew them all by name. I came down to the kitchens a lot, sometimes because I needed peace and others because I ate a lot…like…a lot. I was never truly full. The funniest part of that was that I was only about 5’5’’ and while I had curves I was also skinny with a flat, toned stomach.

“Hello Ms. Samantha Watson. Is there anything you need?” Tibby, the smallest of the house elves asks in his little, squeaky voice.

“Can I get a box of sugar quills and Lollipops?” I ask her and she nods, ears flapping, before running off. I sort had an addiction to sugar quills and suckers.
“Here you go Ms. Watson.” Another house elf, Ebber, said holding up a steaming cup of hot apple cider. I always drank that while I waited. I smiled, they knew me too well.

“Thanks Ebby.” I smile taking it from her. She grinned back before hurrying away. I took a sip as Tibby came running back.

“Is this enough Ms.?” he asks holding it up.

“That’ll be plenty, thank you very much.” I smile, taking the candies and putting them in my messenger bag.

“You are most welcome Ms. Watson.” he grinned. “Thank you for coming.”

“I was afraid you’d be tired of me.” I smile. His bright eyes widened to the size of teacups.

“Oh never Ms.! We could never be tired of you!” he squeaks.

I laugh, “Well then I guess I’ll be seeing you soon. Goodbye.” After a few replies I quickly finish my cider and set the cup down before leaving the kitchens, heading back to the Gryffindor common room.

When I get there I see that it’s empty so I head up to my dorm. Trish is sitting on her bed, scrolling through her IPod: a muggle music device. I had one to since I was muggle-born. She looks up when she hears me enter.

“Bags packed.” She says nodding to it, sitting on my bed. I nod, setting my messenger bag next to it.

“Kay, Imma get ready.” I say and she nods. I grab some clothes and a towel and go into the bathroom, taking a shower.

When I’m done I change into:
“Cute.” Trish smiles when she sees me. She was wearing skinny jeans with a black shimmery halter top, her dirty blonde hair over one shoulder.

“Like-wise.” I say, switching my camera, phone and iPod to my overnight bag before shouldering it. She grabbed hers as well and we left, heading for the room of requirements. It was currently 10’o’clock at night, just the time that the party/T-or-D/sleepover thinga-ma-jig started.

When we got there Trish knocked 5 times, the signal, and the doors swung open.

“Well looky who we have here!” Fred said.

“If it isn’t the misses Trish Michaels and Sammy Watson.” George grins.

“What a pleasant surprise.” Fred finished.

Trish rolled her eyes, “Oh put a sock in it, and I told the two of you we’d be here at lunch.”

“Well, it’s still pleasant to see you love.” Fred smiled, kissing Trish’s cheek. They’d been going out for around a year now. Since he was so tall she’d taken to wearing tall shoes so he wouldn’t have to bend down so much to kiss her. Still, he had to, but the distance was no longer so drastic.

I roll my eyes and go to set my bag down on top of one of the sleeping bags. I looked around to see who was here.

List of people
Sam Watson
Trish Michaels
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
Seamus Finnigan
Katie Bell
Alicia Spinet
Angelina Johnson
Dean Thomas
Lee Jordon
Lavender Brown
Neville Longbottom
End of list

“Well let’s get started shall we?” Fred grinned sitting down. He was sitting on the sleeping bag next to Trish, who was on the right of me. George was on my left.

“I think you’re forgetting something Freddie.” George grinned.

“Aw yes, the rules.” Fred smiled. He took out a bottle and a box.

“First of all, everyone’ll drink from this-“, he held up the bottle, “-it’s a potion that makes you tell the truth on every truth and complete the dare on every dare. No matter what.”

He tossed the box to George who explained its purpose, “And you’ll all put your names in this. When it’s your turn to ask the question, or give the dare you’ll choose the person then pick a paper out of this box. It will come back with either a dare or a truth. Since the box has magic properties it will give the receiver something fit for them.”

Everyone nodded and Fred took a drink of the potion before passing it around. We all drank from it before slipping pieces of paper with our names on them into the box. George sat it in the middle.

“Who’s first?” Harry asks.

“I’ll go!” Angelina says hopping up, “I chose…HERMIONE!”

Hermione looked a little nervous as Angelina picked a slip of paper out of the box.

“Truth,” she read, “On guys what color hair do you think is the hottest/best looking? Blonde, brown, or red?”

“Red…” Hermione says softly, blushing a bit.

“Well, looks like we’ve got three of those for you right here, Granger.” George says, winking jokingly. Everyone laughs and she blushes harder.

“Alright, your turn.” Fred says and Hermione looks around.

“I chose Harry.” She says before grabbing a piece of paper, “It’s a dare. It says you have to lick the neck of the nearest person of the same gender.” By the end she was barely containing her giggles.

Harry’s eyes went wide as he turned his head to look at Ron. They both shuddered.

“Oh god…get it over with.” Ron groaned closing his eyes. Unwillingly Harry leaned forward and ran his tongue over Ron’s neck. Everyone was laughing as he pulled back, Ron wiping at his neck furiously.

“My turn then?” harry mumbled, looking very uncomfortable. We nodded.

“Well then I chose Trish.” He says grabbing a paper. “Dare. You have to have a heated kiss for at least 10 seconds with the shortest person in the room.”

My eyes went wide. I was the shortest by at least 2 inches. We looked at each other for a moment before both shaking our heads.

“No way.” We say in unison.

“As much as this is disturbing: you have to. You drank the potion…” Seamus mutters. And it was true, I could already feel myself being pulled towards Trish.
“Just pretend it’s somebody else.” I mumble to myself, closing my eyes as we dive into the kiss.

I heard Fred whispering to George, “Am I the only one who finds this one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen?”

“Agreed.”, George whispers back.

“Pervs…” Lavender mutters to them as we finally pull away, quickly wiping our mouths. I shudder.

“That was…ugh…so wrong.” She mutters to herself.

“I pick Fred.” She says going over to the bucket, still looking uncomfortable.

She takes out a piece of paper and reads it. She laughs before reading it out loud.

“Your dare is to sing and dance to “I’m sexy and I know it.” In the middle of the circle.” She said.

“Ha, I was born for this. The song was practically written for me.” He joked, standing up then going to the middle of the circle, starting to dance.

We all laughed as he sang and danced to the song before finally finishing with a bow.

“Alright, I’ll pick the next person after we put on our Pajamas. It’s already midnight.” He said and we nodded, grabbing our bags and going into the bathrooms that appeared.

I sighed when I saw what Trish had packed for me. They were all really short, tight, or both. Of course, that’s what I get for letting her pack.

I found the least slutty clothes and put them on:

She’d even packed my batman belly button ring so I decided to put that in to before brushing out my hair again and heading out to the main room. I was the last one.

Trish grinned when she saw me and I glared at her for packing such un-modest clothes.

As I walked past George to get to my sleeping bag out of the corner of my eye I saw his eyes go wide and jaw drop just a bit. When I turned to look at him he quickly tore his eyes away from my butt. I sat down, aware of every guys eyes on me.

“Well uh…Fred I believe it’s your turn.” I mumble.

“What? Oh right!” he says swallowing hard and blinking to clear his mind, “Um….Lavender…” He takes out a slip of paper and reads, “Two part truth: are you a virgin? If not then when did you lose it?”

Her face went red and, looking at the ground, she quietly said, “No….two months ago.”

Everyone was silent for a moment before she quickly, wanting to change the subject, said, “I chose Ron.” She pulled out a paper.

“Dare: you have to yodel every time somebody says the word ‘like’ for the next 5 minutes.” She read.

And so, for the next 5 minutes we tortured Ron for saying like as many times as possible. What else would you expect?

When it ended, he said, “I chose George.”

“Go right on ahead brother, I don’t fear anything from this game.” George grinned cheekily. Ron reached into the box and pulled out a paper.

“Dare: you have to go shirtless for the rest of the game.” He read then sighed at the dare which gave him no satisfaction in the least.

“Well alright then, anybody who’s allergic to extreme sexiness best look away.” He jokes winking before pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside. My eyes went wide and I blushed, along with some of the other girls. Playing beater in quidditch for all these years really had done him well. His arms were very nicely toned and muscled, as was his chest and stomach. He had a lovely defined six-pack.

“holy hell…” I heard Alicia breath and he laughed at her reaction.

“Glad I didn’t disappoint.” He laughs, seeing all of us. I quickly snap my mouth shut and look away, face even redder than before. It quickly paled though as he said, “I chose Sammy.”

Reaching into the box, he shuffled the papers a bit before finally picking one out, “2 part truth: 1) do you have a crush on somebody in this room?”

Blushing yet again I nod.

“Part two: Who is it?” he asks. It silent for a moment as my face gets even redder. Glancing around I feel tears prick at my eyes from the embarrassment. I try to hold it in but the potion makes me say it.

I mumble it under my breath.

“Sorry didn’t quite catch that.” He laughs.

I take a deep breath before quietly repeating, “You.”

The entire room is silent and he seems shocked. I quickly turn around and wipe my eyes, going into another room that appeared at my will. I hear Trish calling after me but I ignore her, sitting on the couch that had appeared.

The door opens and I look up to see her coming in. She sits next to me and hugs me silently, letting me cry softly into her shoulder. She’d known how much I liked George and with it, how embarrassing that had been.

“Shhh…it’s ok.” She says gently, rubbing my back, “It’s not that bad really…”

“Not that bad!? I just made a total fool of myself!” I exclaim.

“No you didn’t! Now just calm down alright? We should get back out there…”

I nod, wiping my eyes. Once I’m calmed down we go back out silently. I sit down without looking at anyone, especially George.

“Neville.” I say quietly before taking out a slip of parchment. “Truth…what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re alone?”

“Care for my plants…” he says quietly, the tension still thick in the air.

The game continues, tension ebbing away after a while. Though I still avoid looking at George at all costs.

Once everyone had gone once, we started over and Angelina chose George. She pulled out a slip of paper and was silent for a moment. She glanced at me before reading aloud, “Dare: kiss your crush for at least 30 seconds.”

Great, first I had to admit to everyone that I liked him now I’d have to watch him kiss another girl. I bet it was Alic-

But I was cut off as a pair of lips caught mine, ending my mental rant. My eyes went wide for a second, not believing that the tall red head I’d secretly been in love with for so long was actually kissing me before slowly shutting.

I melted into the kiss, my hands sliding up his arms to his neck before my fingers quickly found their way to his flaming red hair, tangling themselves into it. His hands found my waist and he pulled me closer towards him as the kiss deepened. It was far past 30 seconds when we both pulled away: breathless.
He laid his forehead against mine, his deep, beautiful brown eyes searching into my own green-hazel ones, his breathing slightly irregular, matching my own.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He breathed softly.

“Trust me…I do.” I tell him softly before breaking the distance and capturing his lips with my own, kissing him for the second time. Sparks flew, heartbeats went crazy, and most of all: happiness was granted.

I apologize for all the random symbols and A's put in :( i dont know how to get rid of them D:
~Julz Freakin' Norris!~


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