One Direction Oneshot #1 (for idRatherBwith1D)

hey! yup that's right, i am back with ONESHOTS!

Chapter 1

Liam Payne Oneshot #1

Name: Scottie
Age: 19
Looks: long, wavy dark brown hair / blue-green eyes / average height and weight
Lover: Liam Payne :)
Personality: funny, loving,sweet, a bit shy at first but then crazy, crazy, acts like a little kid

"5,6,7,8......." said my dance teacher. Mrs. Johnson taught my pop dance class.

"Scottie, take 5. The rest, get the moves RIGHT!" she yelled in frustration.

I walked to my bag and got out my water bottle. I chugged most of the water.

Sweat was rolling down my face like there was no tomorrow. I know gross, but hey, I push myself in dance.

I have to work my hardest, especially this week. Mrs.Johnson arranged our dance class an audition for each of us girls for a chance to be in One Direction's new music video, Live While We're Young. (A/N: i had to ;)

If I actually want to be in it, I need to do my best. Mrs. Johnson knows One Direction personally because something about teaching Zayn Malik his dance moves. I don't care much, really. Liam is the one who stands out. I need to do my best so I can meet him.

While I was eating my fruit and nut granola bar, the door opened.

"Maybe just another dancer." I muttered.

But no, it wasn't one person. I heard several footsteps. Men probably?

I turned my attention to the door and froze.

No freaking way. There stood the one and only One Direction!

Play it cool Scottie, PLAY IT COOL!

You do not want Liam to think you're a a big fan, even though you are. Play it cool.

Mrs. Johnson smiled and ran up to Zayn.

"Nice to see you Zayn." she said hugging him. "Hey Mrs.Johnson." he replied.

I couldn't help but stare at Liam. He caught me staring from the corner of his eyes. He looked at me and waved. I looked away, blushing from embarrassment.

Great going Scottie. You just embarrassed yourself.

I heard gasps. I turned to the gasp and saw Aimee, the school's skank.

"Uh...shut up Aimee. " I muttered. Liam must of heard me because he chuckled.

"Well, you guys can watch if you want." Mrs. Johnson said to the boy band. I got up when she called me back to explain the dance routine.

"5,6,7,8..." I said and started dancing.

I ended my last move and was breathing hard. Everybody in the class clapped including One Direction.

"Bye girls. Practice for Friday." said Mrs.Johnson. I ran to my bag and was about to leave until I felt a hand on my back. I turned around and found Liam standing there. "Hey." I said, fangirling so hard inside.

"Hi,Love. You're dancing is great." "Thanks." "You look exhausted." "I am. Gonna go home, drink some tea, and then do homework. THEN SLEEP." I said. He laughed at my joke and a smile came to his lips. "You know, we're going to Nando's. Want to come?" "Yeah."

That is how my new relationship with Liam started. Now here I am, arranging a wedding for him and I. I really need to thank Mrs.Johnson.

Like I REALLY need to thank her.


hahahahaha i thought this was kinda cute! plz comment :)


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