Broken Lovers~ A Niall Horan Love Story. One Shot- Niall & Naomi. For : NiallerMarryMe

I've tried a new style of writing. If y'all like it, maybe I'll try writing more. :)

Thank you for reading xxx

Chapter 1

Broken Lovers.

"Why don't you love me?"
I asked, tears filling my eyes as I desperately tried to keep him with me.

"Because no one can love a broken girl." He said, brushing my hands off his muscular arm and looking at me for the last time before kissing my fore-head softly. Not the slightest drop of love showed through the kiss. "Loving a broken girl would only mean pain."

And I knew he was right. But how could I ever be fixed? I couldn't. Not until.. He came back.

"Come back, please.." My voice trembled, I almost whispered the words without making the slightest sound. The words flooded like the cold night breeze that crept through the dark valley. He walked away. Further and further. His blonde swept hair disappearing into the thick mist. As much as I wanted to tell him he was wrong, I knew he wasn't. I was broken. To the bone. More than that. I was more dead than I was alive. The words pounded through my head.

"No one loves a broken girl. No one loves a broken girl. No one loves a broken girl."

I slowly let the words seek into my brain, flowing through my body. They became more and more like reality. I tilted my head up, surprised at how much effort it took me to rise it to look at him as he walked away.

"C-Come ba-ack." I almost choked out, struggling to get the words clear and loud enough for him to hear.

I felt my body going numb. Even more numb than my broken heart felt. My strength, the last I had broke down into nothing and I collapsed on the cold stones of the small road that lead through the valley.

The rain started pouring slowly a while ago, but I couldn't really remember how long that was. I rested my head on the stones right after I collapsed. I had lost everything. He was my last chance. The last hope I had. And he just left. I couldn't blame him though. He was right, more than right. Loving a girl as broken as me, would mean pain and only that. A girl drained to her long lost love.

His eyes. Those big blue orbs. They used to sparkle, shine, like little lights that lit up whenever they looked into mine. It would be his hands who would grab mine, making me somehow still feel safe. It would his gorgeous eyes gazing into mine, somehow still comfort me. He would always wrap his arms around me completely, around my fragile, tiny body and when he did, his warmth flew through my entire body, like blood ran through my veins, completely heating me up.

I felt my body getting colder thinking of his warmth. I felt my eyes getting wetter thinking of the little lights in his. I felt my body getting weaker thinking of how strong his arms felt around me. I felt, every little piece of my heart, break over and over again thinking about how many times he had told me he loved me.

* * *
You'd think that with all the pain that soaked through my body, all the numbness, fears, emptiness, the huge amount of pain everything caused, I'd still be crying my heart out as I lay here, in my bed, remembering every little piece of the evening that he left. I couldn't cry anymore. Like every tear I had ever cry was one too much. My tears were.. Gone. Just like everything else. When he left, he took everything with him. There was nothing left. The only thing left was my numb, empty, broken soul.

Drained by the pain of loosing every single positive thing in its existence. I hated to remember every single detail, but I couldn't stand to forget.

Through the years I had seen myself sinking away further and further. The numbness I felt getting harder to fight against, the pain I felt getting harder to forget, the emptiness getting harder to fill up. Because the only thing that could take away the numbness, fight the pain and fill up the emptiness, was the person that caused it. Just by leaving. Simple as that. Not because he didn't love me anymore, but because he was broken, and loving a broken person.. Would only mean pain, nothing more than that. He couldn't stand causing me in pain. I thought about how he would react if he'd see me like this. It hurt to be with him, but it killed to be without him. With him, everything was alright. Even if it clearly wasn't. And without him.. Everything was more wrong than it had ever be.

I wondered for how long I laid there before I couldn't feel anymore. Just the extreme numbness and emptiness that he left. I wish I could feel a damn thing. I knew I had to get up. But yet the last little, extremely small piece of strength left with the last hope I had. I couldn't find the strength in my mind, let alone in my body to get up from the place where I had once collapsed next to him. The last place I had ever been together with him, where I had slept with him the last time, kissed him for the last time. Where I heard his voice, looked into his eyes, felt his hands in mine for the last time. Somehow I held onto this place with all I got. I held onto this place with my entire life.

Because somehow, this was the only thing left, where I knew, where I remembered him to be. When he left, he took everything with him. And through the years.. I started to feel like it wasn't real anymore. The love he gave me, I started to loose the feeling of it. The memories he gave me, I started to forget them slowly. The memories of him, I held onto them with my life. Because if I would forget that, it wouldn't be real anymore. It would be like every feeling I got for him, every memory I remembered in detail, every thought of him, disappeared. If I didn't held onto the last things that remained to prove that he did existed, it would feel like he never did. Like every word he ever spoke, had never been spoken. Like every kiss he gave me, had never happened. Like every memory he gave me, had never been lived. Like it was all a lie. But if he was a lie, my entire existence was a lie. Because without him, there was nothing left. So I held onto everything. Every little thing that kept me holding on to him. I held onto that with my life. Because if I would let go of it, I'd fade away and never return to existence.

I remember seeing someone walk up to me. A tall, dark silhouette which somehow didn't scare me. What could ever scare me? I had lost everything already. My biggest nightmare had already became reality. I felt the numbness take over my body. I felt myself slowly drift away, like I slowly fainted. Because of all the pain I felt, I didn't had the strength to fight the ocean my body dragged me down in. I couldn't fight the feeling like sinking down further and further my brain went in as the air left the suffocating sheets. The wetness from the sweaty sheets and the extreme loss of strength took over and I completely gave in to... To what did I gave into exactly? Death? I didn't know. But as fast as I felt the painful memories leave my mind for just a millisecond, they flew right back when two strong, powerful yet to me so loving arms wrapped themselves completely around my, fragile, tiny body and a warmth heated me completely. Every single vein was lit up in a fire that soaked through my veins as I felt a hand place my powerless head in the place on a chest. Not just a place. The place. My favorite spot on his chest. The only place where my head seemed to fit so perfectly, like it was made for eachother. I felt his heartbeat, heard his heartbeat. Before I completely let myself fall into happiness, I gave into the knowing that this couldn't be reality. Because no arms could ever feel as safe and strong around me, as his. And no warmth radiating from a body could ever warm me up, like his. No heartbeat could ever sound, and feel as comforting and relaxing, as his. And no chest, not on the entire planet earth could have ever felt so perfectly created for my head to lay on, as his. And then everything went black. In the euphoria of feeling every memory seek through my veins like I was feeling it right now, I could give in to all the things that tried to pull me away from reality. I could let the numbness, emptiness and the pain win. Because everything felt alright, yet I knew, somewhere far away, clearly that I would wake up in the same valley, and nothing would feel right anymore.

I slowly opened my eyes. Every little detail about last night slowly crept back into my system. I looked around the room and wondered where I was. There was a strange feeling of comfort running through my body as I saw that I didn't lay in the big bed on my own. Although I didn't recognize the person immediately, I did recognize every feeling his presence brought with it. The strange feeling of comfort wasn't strange anymore. I recognised it completely. The scent, the mood that hung around in the room, it was all too familiar to me. All so good known and more comforting than anything else could ever be. He turned around and his green eyes found mine. I saw the lights. The blue orbs. His eyes. The little lights in his eyes lit up as they looked into mine. I smelled his scent as he took my hands into his strong, powerful yet to me so loving one's. His hands. The hands intertwined our fingers, locking them together like they used to. I saw his mouth, his lips curled up into a apologising smile. His smile. The smile which he told me that only I could get it on his perfect face. He slowly let go of my hands to wrap his strong, powerful yet to me so loving arms completely around my healing, stronger body. Filling my veins, my heart and my thoughts with his warmth. His heartbeat. I heard it. I felt it. Last night wasn't a dream about my biggest wish. Last night was the night where my biggest dream came reality. Just like when years ago, on that night, my biggest nightmare became reality. We didn't say anything, but our shared silence spoke more than thousand words.

His arms remained wrapped around me. His scent remained circling through my brain. His warmth remained creeping through my body. His heartbeat remained beating into my ears. His eyes remained gazing into mine. His smile remained on his perfect face. Although I somehow still expected waking up in just a second and realising everything was just a silly dream. But I didn't wake up. I never woke up. Because I wasn't asleep. And this wasn't a dream. We didn't say anything. We remained in silence before he knew his apologies were enough and he felt like having the permission to lean in and kiss me. Like he had never left, yet like he hadn't kissed me for a thousand years. It was when he slowly pulled away that he started to speak, slowly, carefully, answering all the questions I questioned through the years like I really did asked him for the answers to them. He answered the most important question after I did asked him. I faced away from him, snuggeling into the favorite place on his chest before asking the question. Somehow I was scared for the answer he would give me.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because I loved you."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because I love you."

Simple as that. He came back in my life. Just as he left. Simply, fast, without any other person to really notice. He crushed me by making me love him, killed me by leaving me, and brought me back alive by coming back to me. He kissed me again. Again and again. His arms never unwrapped from around my body. I had many more questions, and he all answered them. In all honestly, in all purity of how he loved me.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because loving eachother crushed you and me."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because being apart killed you and me."

He tightened his grip around me every so often, like he was just as scared as I was that one of us would decide to leave. But we didn't. Neither of us had only the slightest thought about leaving once again.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because I'm broken."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because you're broken."

It was there that I faced him again. He had said the magical words.
Not only him, not only me. We were broken together. Two broken souls, two broken hearts, two numb, empty bodies. But when we were together.. Everything wasn't so broken anymore. But if we were both broken, would it hurt that bad to love one another? Or wouldn't it? A broken one. Loving a broken one. The more I thought about I knew it wouldn't. It had never hurt me to love him. Only when I couldn't. When I couldn't love him, it didn't even hurt. I was not alive when I couldn't love him. I felt his hand take mine in his again and his arms tightened around me.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because loving a broken one only causes pain."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because when the one that loves the broken one, is a broken one herself, it doesn't hurt anymore."

He leaned in and kissed me. More passionate than he had ever kissed me. Probably more passionate than someone had ever kissed another person. He showed me more love than he had ever showed me. Probably more love than someone had ever showed another person. He took my hand in his after he pulled away, keeping his gaze on mine as he lifted it up to his chest, and placed it over his heart. I felt it beat fast, strong, steady. I took his hand, without taking my other away from his chest and placed it over my heart. He felt my heartbeat steady, fast, healing. I could feel his heart beat. He could feel mine. I remained feeling his, he remained feeling mine. We were alive. We were together.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because I'm broken."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because you are broken, too."

He stayed. I stayed. We never left eachother anymore. We never talked about the past. Only about the future. We never talked about being apart. Only about being together. We never talked about being dead. Only about being alive. Because when we had a future, together, we were alive. Although we were both broken one's, it never caused pain to love the other. I remained having his arms around me every day from that day on. He remained having my head rested on his chest every day from that day on. We remained listening to eachothers heartbeat every day from that day on. We loved eachother. Love never hurts. Not if you don't want it to. And we didn't. It killed not to love, and it healed to love. It killed to be apart, and it healed to be together.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because we were broken."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because we are broken lovers."

And we stayed like that. Broken, yes. But we weren't just broken. We were broken lovers. And loving another broken one, healed more than not loving one. Loving a broken one fixed me more than anything else. Broken lovers. Healed by loving eachother.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because we were broken."
"Why did you come back?"
"Because you fix me."

And so did he. He fixed me. He healed me. He renewed me. We found forgiveness. The strength we never had. Having to be apart only made us clear that we needed to be together every day from that day on. And so we did. We never left again. We remained together. Like it was meant to be like that. Perfectly made for eachother. Perfectly broken lovers. We weren't like others. We never were. But no others could love eachother like we did.

'Why did you let me leave?'
"You were broken."
'Why did you let me come back?'
"I'm broken without you."

We stayed. Till the end of time and even after that. Our love was worth more than any other love between two people could be. We grew old together. Remaining listening to eachothers heartbeat every day from that day on. We never talked about the past. Only about the future. We never fought. Only loved. We never yelled. Only whispered. Yet we kept asking eachother the same question every night. Until he answered something new.

"Why did you leave?"
"Because I had to break"
"Why did you come back?"
"To be healed and fixed by you, Naomi."

That wasn't the new thing he had answered. That was the routine. But after he wrapped his strong, powerful yet to me so loving arms completely around my body, radiating his warmth to me, he asked mé a question.

"Did you ever really leave?"
"No, never."
"Then how did I come back?"
"We are broken lovers."

The first time ever it made sense to me. He never left. I never left. Because through all that time we were apart, he never left. Of course he didn't. He couldn't. Why? Because he was in my heart. And someone that's in your heart, can never leave it. He stayed there, through all the time I thought he had left. I wasn't broken. I never was. And he wasn't either. We weren't broken. We were broken lovers.

"Are we?"
"No. We aren't."
"Than what are we?"
"Two broken lovers."
"Remained listening to eachothers heartbeat every day since."
"That's what broken lovers do."

And that's what we did. Maybe be were broken, but we didn't felt like it anymore. Maybe we were apart someday, but we didn't felt like it anymore. We felt healed. Fixed. And we loved. More than any other.

"Why did you leave?"
"I didn't."
"Why did you came back?"
"I didn't. I was always with you, my love."

That night we remained listening to eachothers heartbeat for the last time. His strong, powerful yet to me so loving arms wrapped completely around my fragile, still tiny body for the last time. His scent circling through my brain for the last time. His shining eyes looking into mine for the last time. His smile on his perfect face for the last time. Ready to do it all over in Heaven. To do it right this time. Because we weren't broken. We were broken lovers. And we would never be apart anymore. That night, when he came back into my life, he asked me to promise to never leave. And to never break that promise, even if he asked me to. I answered that I promised. He asked me why. And I answered.

"Because you, are my broken lover."

His hand brushed through my once curly dark hair. His eyes gazed into my piercing icy blue orbs that never left his. Our smiles grew with our last few words.

"And you, are mine, beautiful."
He answered.
"I love you, Niall."
"I love you too, Naomi."


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