Chapter 1


by: FerSure
Hey this is Patrick, her boyfriend. I'm hacking her to say how much of a wonderful girlfriend she is and how you should all friend her and read her stories.

First of all, if you fell for that you don't know me. I'm the most forever alone person in this whole website (lolnoreally) and I plan to live the rest of my days beside my mopotatos and leave my fortune to Nikki Queen's son, Mac the genius whose father I cannot mention if I value my insignificant life. And please do not comment saying that I will find someone because I believe there is no alive person able to put up with all my split personalities (lolnoreally, I have more split personalities than what Osama had siblings). Well, enough of this mini-rant, I'll get to the point.

First of all, I refuse to read your depressing/creepy/death poems if your name isn't Edgar Allan FREAKING Poe. (Doesn't include other types of poetry)

So seventeenth of all (you missed numbers 2-16 because you have amnesia powder on your system), I wanted to tell your guys about my contest! (Yay, another bloody lame contest to add to the pile) I had to use this story title becusse i knew this would get noticed as much as Kevin Jonas if it were under the title "Contest". Well, this one is sort of fun! It's a drawing contest!

It's based on my story Lachrymosa. I've actually been planning on this for a while, and the contest consists of drawing the characters. Trick part: I never really describe them! The winner is the one who uses the most creativity/ least Mary-Sue looks. I will also be judging how look-alike they are to my imagination.

I will NOT be judging drawing skills, because I think you all draw great and if you're able to put up something without shame I admire you, because my stick figures almost never make it to my photo album. Also, I'll choose another judge to help me. This person would preferably be someone I've never talked with (to eliminate any probabilities of the opinions being biased) or if no volunteers show up, a friend!

Link to the story will be posted in the comments when I finish this (if I finish it, and my Arab double doesn't kill me before).

This contest doesn't have many rules... So good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Any doubts to be left in comments, so other people can see if they have the same question.

There's still no dead-line, because I have to first discuss it with the second judge.


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