The New Hope (A Hunger Games Group Story)

So I'm still keeping the original version and writing that one as well seperate to this one...this one I wanted to write because there are so many AMAZING writers who can hopefully you guys will read both!

Chapter 1

Character Info

All right so the info that you need to know right now is this. The main characters name is (thank you to all the people who took my poll and commented!! It helped a TON ) -drum roll-

Ember Rue Mellark!!

Looks: She has curly dark brown hair and grey/green eyes. She is slim but broad shouldered. She is fairly tall. (

Age: She is 15 years old.

Extra: She loves walking, she loves nature and knows about different herbs, plants, and wildlife. She is extremely talented at hunting and is also very calm and keeps her temper to herself.

Name: Her name is significant because Embers can fan into a flame just like the rebellion against Panem came from the growing Embers of mistreatment and the pain of losing people in the Games. Her middle name is obvious, it's after Rue (I thought that Katniss wouldn't name her daughter Primrose because it would be painful for her to think about all the time)

District: The remains of district 12

Other Main Characters:
-At the moment there is only one. But I will update this list when a new character comes into the story. So check this out! When ever a new character is added. I will bold their name like this. If you see a name that has been bolded please come back and look here for more info about them.-

Cinna Jay Mellark

Looks: He has straight blonde hair and bright blue/green eyes. He is skinny but well muscled.

Age: He is 14

Extra: He enjoys running from place to place. He loves animals, he also loves artwork and is very skilled at drawing life-like pictures.

Name: He is named Cinna after Katniss's friend and stylist who died. His middle name Jay is for the MockingJays that were a symbol in the rebellion. He is sometimes called just Jay instead of Cinna, mostly by his sister.

District: The remains of district 12

Name: Brooklyn Mason (bored_chic1002)

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Strengths: can climb because she had to climb the trees to check them
sometimes, good at running because she would always get in trouble growing up, good at finding shelter, kickass at throwing an ax

Weaknesses: Not good with spears or crossbows, not very trusting

Weapon of choice: Knives, axe, or sword

Character: badasss, stubborn, troublemaker, keeps to herself, but comes out of her shell when she needs to, very clever

District: 7

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