Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Did the title intrigue you enough to read this? Or did I invite you? Either way, the proper title of this story should be, "I will wait, a Loki Farbautison {His real name} love story." So if you have seen Thor and The Avengers, please read on! And this isn't a fan-girlish story, this story actually contains virtues within love. Thank you.
By the way, I know I name all my female characters Ember, but the next best name I came up with was Rachel, and that doesn't fit the story.

Chapter 3

Off to Jotunheim!

The horses' hooves clicked sharply on the rainbow mosaic path. Seven cloaks streamed out behind seven riders. Nothing else stirred, not even the dark skinned man at the end of the path.

His amber eyes bored unseeingly through the riders as they jumped from the horses and stepped forwards.

Loki flashed a white smile. "Good Heimdall-" he began smoothly.

Heimdall cut him off with curt words. "You are not dressed warmly enough."

"I'm sorry?"

"Do you think you can deceive me?"

Thor stepped forwards as Ember gave a sigh and ran a hand down the neck of the dark mare she had ridden. The horse huffed and whinnied.

After a brief exchange of dialogue, five of the seven stepped forwards. Two stayed back. One was Loki, who stared intently at the gatekeeper, and the other was Ember, who laughed lightly when she saw her friend.

"Saving their lives again, Silvertongue?"

Loki replied with a brisk nod.

"Just like yesterday and he day before, hmm? Come." Ember's midnight-blue cloak flapped about as if it had a will of it's own in the chill breeze from the portal behind her.

Message relayed, Loki joined her and they stepped into the portal.

Then they were in a different place. The land was icy and barren, the wind nipped viciously at their faces and tugged at their hair. The seven paced along in a small huddle.

Being two of the most powerful magic users in Asgard, Ember and Loki had naturally established a mental link long ago. Now their snide comments rebounded across this link.

Think we should reveal to Thor that either of us could easily slay more Frost Giants then him?

I don't know. Loki replied. It makes him quite happy to think he is better then everyone else.

Oh, come on Silvertongue- Ember said snappishly, Don't you think we should pop that over-inflated ego of his before it blows up his head?

Loki laughed across the link. Maybe Ember, maybe. Let's see how this works out first.

Ember sighed sighed, but she was amused. Alright. I suppose it's goodbye for now. She said, already receding from his mind.

Goodbye, Ember. Loki replied, though the two walked side by side.

Loki was never certain why, but he felt more sound in his identity when he shared his mind with Ember. He knew she would take his secrets to the grave, no matter how long it was in coming for either of them.

Loki found himself jerked back into reality with a jolt of surprise as Ember grasped his hand in hers. He accessed the link from the deep recesses of his mind and sent a wordless inquiry across.

This cold suits me well, Loki, but this place.... it has seen much horror. I am afraid. Ember shivered at the thoughts.

I share these feelings. Loki admitted quietly. Do not be ashamed.

I am not. Only a fool is not afraid in the face of death. Ember's eyes flashed briefly to Thor, then her gaze flitted back to Loki as he gently squeezed her hand.

Silvertongue felt like it was his responsibility to protect Ember.

Loki caught her gaze, electric blue on stunning gold, and so they walked to the main city of Jotunheim.

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