Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Did the title intrigue you enough to read this? Or did I invite you? Either way, the proper title of this story should be, "I will wait, a Loki Farbautison {His real name} love story." So if you have seen Thor and The Avengers, please read on! And this isn't a fan-girlish story, this story actually contains virtues within love. Thank you.
By the way, I know I name all my female characters Ember, but the next best name I came up with was Rachel, and that doesn't fit the story.

Chapter 13


It's unfortunate, really, that there are no such things as 'Happily ever afters.' Just a scheme to trick little children, I believe. Things never work out as planned, and our new-found love did not work out as planned.

Gods, frost giants, and even humans rendered semi-immortal by prolonged contact with Asgard were not excused from the will of the All-Father, and his rules were unbendable.

The next day, I was less then thrilled. Apparently my little trick telling the guards about ghosts had not dissuaded them so easily, evil little eavesdroppers. Of course, they didn't hear my words, but what transpired must have given them enough clues to figure out what had been said. They may not have been strong, but they were clever. So of course, now they're kind of following me around, and they really get on my nerves. Especially when they prevented me from seeing Loki for the next several weeks.


'Twould not be stood for once Loki was King.

He was looking for her again when he ran into Ember. Quite literally. Loki stood up and rubbed his jaw. "I'm sorry," he said, wincing and helping Ember to her feet.

Ember accepted his hand and stood, then dropped her arm to her side. Oh, she said, wincing as she looked at Loki's cheerful face.

"Oh? Oh what?"

Ember drew in a sharp breath. She didn't seem very pleased to see him for having wanted to see him so much.

"Ember, what's wrong?" Loki knew her well enough to know that something was up.

Back off, Silvertongue. It wouldn't do for the guards to spot anything more then a casual meeting of chance. Ember shook her head, waving her long auburn locks about her waist. She even growled, tiger-like.

"Ember!" Loki said in a slightly shocked, rather hurt voice.

Her eyes softened before closing. I'm sorry, Loki, but our relationship isn't going to work.

"What do you mean-"

Loki, the thing is.... We seemed about nine when we met, right? She continued when he nodded affirmation. Well, time in Asgard is different. You were what, three-thousand years old? And when we met, I was maybe twenty. Time was reversed for me a bit, because I'm human... And now you're still that much older than me. It won't work, even if it was allowed.

And she walked away, leaving Loki on the brink of insanity. If one more person he loved was torn away...

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