Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Iceheart and Ember {I Will Wait, An Interesting Story }

Did the title intrigue you enough to read this? Or did I invite you? Either way, the proper title of this story should be, "I will wait, a Loki Farbautison {His real name} love story." So if you have seen Thor and The Avengers, please read on! And this isn't a fan-girlish story, this story actually contains virtues within love. Thank you.
By the way, I know I name all my female characters Ember, but the next best name I came up with was Rachel, and that doesn't fit the story.

Chapter 1

What a strange way to meet.

"Only one of you can ascend to the throne, but both of you were born to be kings!" Odin's voice rang out strong in the hall. The two young boys looked up at him with excited expressions, one with hair dark as raven's wings, one with locks like golden straw.

"How can we both be kings if only one of us can-" the dark haired boy said softly, then broke off, staring avidly into a corner of the hall.

"There are many realms besides Asgard," Odin said with a slight laugh, not noticing when the child broke off, until he realized the smaller boy was no longer with him and the blonde one. Rather, he stood motionless in the middle of the hall, still looking curiously into the corner with his head tilted.

Odin's eyes narrowed. "Loki... come over here..." he said quietly, and the dark one came to him.

"Reveal yourself!" the All-father shouted, now facing the corner in question.

There was a startled squeak from the corner and something crashed heavily to the floor before the air shivered slightly and a young girl vaporized huddled there. Loki uttered an exclamation while his brother looked around for something to attack the girl with.

She was probably the age of Loki and his brother -around nine years of age. She looked exotic; Odin doubted there was anyone on Asgard who looked like her. Surely no one here had long hair the color of deepest red, almost to the point of chestnut? Surely no one here had liquid golden eyes shaped like eclipses that bored holes through your soul? Surely there were very few with her caramel skin and slim, powerful physique?

The girl bit her lip slightly and glanced around before giving a slight shrug and relaxing. Apparently she had decided that there was no way out, though her sharp and observant eyes were still flitting around restlessly.

The blonde boy picked up a small rock and glared at the girl before Loki muttered to him smoothly, "Thor, please put down the rock."

Thor rolled his eyes and kept a hand on the rock, despite his brother's chiding. Odin moved towards the girl, who tensed slightly and put her weight on one leg, fists clenched at her sides; she was ready to flee or fight.

"Where am I?" Her voice was surprisingly melodious and low for her stature, at only five foot tall with her narrow chest and shoulders.

It was Loki who replied. "You're in Asgard!" he said, then frowned slightly. "But this place is supposed to be a secret..."

Her high-sculpted eyebrows raised. "Asgard? Is that supposed to mean something to me?" she asked Loki, before Odin stepped in.

"Young lady, would you explain what you're doing here?"

She frowned. "My name's not Lady, it's Ember. And I have absolutely no idea why I am here. In fact, if I were not as intelligent as I am, I might go so far as to call myself horrendously clueless. You see, sir," Ember paused, "I think I'm lost."

"I see." Odin looked disconcerted. "If you are so intelligent, and obviously haven't a home here, will you tell me where you're from?"

Ember tilted her head, squinting. "I- I don't remember," she said, ending almost at a sob. "I'm trying, but I just don't know."

"If that is the case, we can't return you until such a time as you remember. I would say you're a bright girl." Odin looked at her carefully. "While we try to return your memory, would you consent to tutor Thor in the art of common sense?" he offered, eyes crinkling in a smile. The All-father decided he wanted to keep this girl close, so he could keep watch over her.

Ember put her hands up in a placating gesture. "Whoa, wait. I think I might be allowed to ask your names? I suppose that one is Thor, since you are not, and he," she inclined her head towards Loki who stared at her, wide-eyed, "seems rather smart."

Odin nodded with a grudging smile. "True. He is Thor, and the 'smart' one is named Loki. I am Odin All-father. These are my sons."

Ember nodded. "Alright. I suppose I have nowhere else to go. However, I have to warn you: If he gets out of hand, I think I could overpower him if I need to."

Thor and Odin both began to laugh loudly. "What spirit!" Odin roared, while Loki suppressed a smile.

Thus, Ember assumed the role of Thor's tutor.

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