Chapter 1

What I did was sick, sad, upseting, rude, outragious, and depressing. The worst part about it is, I have no clue why I did it. I think I did it because I felt alone, and it made myself feel better. Like I got more attention on here. Once I started, I couldn't stop. It just got way to out of hand. I DON'T deserve to be forgiven or even be talked to again. But if you do, I thank you. I have caused so much hurt, and sadnesss, it's so upseting to me. Why did I do this? WHY? I suck as a person. I let everyone of you down. I loved you guys, and I just shot you with that bullet. I broke some of your hearts. And it just kills me inside, to know I did that much. Again, I am very sorry. I just wanted to be honest, and clear everything up.


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