A Day To Forget

a non-fiction story about my step-brother and i.

Chapter 1

A New Beginning.

First day of school is a little shaky. Being a new kid on the first day of school is scary. Being a new kid in the middle of the school year in a different country, terrifying.
My stepbrother Rain and i were walking into the doors of the new school. It is a private institution that our uncle is the Headmaster of. Our father recommended that we go so we decided to at least give it a chance.
There was snow on the ground higher than my knees and trudging through it was hard enough without the cold wind stinging our face and eyes. All night it had been snowing, as to be expected in January. Rain's father had died early that year while fighting in the war in Afganastan, and we decided to move to America for a fresh start. A new beginning. But just because it was fresh and new doesnt mean it was better.
This was before Rain was my step-brother. He is actually the younger brother of my step-father, who adopted me when my parents were killed in a plane crash a year or two ago. His mother didnt die of cancer until the year after this, but we were still close.
This school didnt have many new kids, so when word got out of our arrival, things became hectic. The school was in a frenzy and the Headmaster was trying to calm them down.
"Hello, Clovis." Rain acknowledged his older brother. Even though Rain was only 14 at the time, Clovis was 48. Clovis was the eldest of the 9 brothers.
"Brother, while we are at school i am headmaster Storm." Clovis said. Storm was the last name of their father, but Rain took his mothers maiden name for obvious reasons.
"You two are brothers?" one of the students asked. Suddenly the hall fell silent, it was a little strange having everyone looking at us. Rain went pale, and hid behind me. He didnt like big crowds, he didnt like being judged. He was very small and fragile. When he was young he was constantly in the hospital with a fever, as a result of being born a Still-Born.
"To class, if anyone remains in the hallway they will be put on washroom clean up duty." Clovis said. Rain started to walk away, following his brother's instructions, but Clovis grabbed his hand preventing him from leaving.
"Senri, you are in charge of watching Rainier. I am not able to keep an eye on his health, so it is your responsibility to watch your cousin for me and report any disturbance." Clovis said to me. Rainier-Acelin is Rains full first name, but we all just call him Rain or Rainier. I just nodded, trying not to laugh at Rain for trying to escape his brothers hand. He was blushing deeply.
"Clo- i mean- Headmaster Storm, please, you are hurting me." Rain whispered as Clovis let go of his little brother. Growing up, Rain never knew he had brothers, and his brothers didnt know of him. His mother was about sixty-five when she gave birth to him, so by that time the other brothers had jobs and families of their own, and were too busy to visit their mother long enough to find out she had another son since Rain was constantly in the hospital. It wasnt until earlier this year after their father died that they all first met.
"When nobody is around, you can call me by my name or whatever. Just not around the students, they will think you are getting special treatment and that i like you more." Clovis sighed. He rubbed his fingers, almost pinching the very beginning of his nose.
"But, do you like me more?" Rain asked, looking up at his brother. There were so many things different about Rain. His eyes told his story. His face was an open book, but the book was so much better if you didnt first see the cover.
"Go to class, both of you. I might see you at dinner." Clovis said, turning around and walking down the hall. You could hear his heavy footsteps the entire time.
I looked down at Rain only to see him crying. His milky brown eyes held tears which were threatening to fall down his face at any second.
"Whats wrong, Rain?" i asked as he used his sleeve to wipe away the tears.
"He n-never answered m-me. D-do you think h-he hates me?" Rain studdered as more tears filled his eyes.
Quickly i wrapped him in a tight hug, holding him close to me. His skin was so cold and i could feel him shivering beneath my arms. He was so small and it seemed as though he was made of paper. It didnt take much to break him.
"But he-" Rain began but i enterupted.
"Never." i repeated, taking off my jacket and placing it on Rains shoulders. I watched as the jacket seemed to devour him whole.
"Senri, i love you." Rain said, grabbing onto my arm as i walked him to his classroom.
"Class, this is our new student, Rainier-Acelin Marion. Please welcome him to our school and to our country." The teacher said as he tried to hide behind me, but i held him firm infront of me.
"Dont be afraid." i spoke to him in Italian. I watched as he looked up at me with questioning eyes, i could practically see the questions running through his mind, but his lips remained still.
"See yah, cousin." i said as i shut the door behind me, leaving Rain to make his own decision on what to do. I hate to admit it, but i knew that i wasnt always going to be there for him. Little did i know just how true that statement was.

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