Truth, Dare, or Torture

Everyone knows this game, but you get to send in the dares for our cast of surprise guest.

Chapter 1


The stage is set, the audience waiting expectantly, the guest waiting impatiently, and me, the host, is still getting ready. My nerves were slightly getting to me, but I was determined. I had my hair cut short, it was spiked, it's bright red, my blue eyes shining brightly, my pale skin was somewhat standing out from the darker clothing I decided to wear, a purple oversized T-shirt rested on my shoulders, with a belt tying it to my waist, long cargo shorts resting on my waist and went past my knees, and my sneakers(with green and blue flames painted on them) tied to my feet. I cracked my knuckles and looked in the mirror, "Show time." I muttered. There was a knock at my door, "Two minutes to show Bug." my stage manager yelled to me. "On my way!" I shouted and tied my red bandanna around my forehead. I ran from my room and down the hall towards the stage, I stopped behind the curtain and took a deep breathe.

One of my many assistant gave me my head piece, while another wiped my face. I Could hear the DJ let out a howl of excitement, setting the crowd into a frenzy. I popped my neck and got ready, "Welcome everyone to your favorite show, please give a warm welcome to our host BeBug!" he shouted and everyone started chanting my name. I put on my best smile and ran out onto the stage, everyone started cheering. I waved to everyone rapidly, "Hello, hello, hello everyone I'm so glad to be here!" I shouted into my headpiece. Everyone went quiet so I could talk, "I'd like to thank everyone for coming to my very first episode of my very first show!" I shouted and got more cheers. "So let me give you a proper welcome, Welcome to Truth, Dare, or Torture, my name is BeBug, but I prefer to be called Bug. LET"S DO THIS!" I shouted, and the crowd went wild. I chuckled a little, I could tell I was blushing from this attention.
I heard music above me, I looked up to the DJ balcony. "I almost forgot to introduce our faithful DJ, his name is Danny, but I call him Dee, give him some love!" I said into my headset, mostly girls shouted out to him. "Alright, alright let's get started, I bet your all curious on who our guest are, right?" I asked and everyone shouted their agreements, I nodded and looked up to Dee who in turn nodded back. He flipped a disk and put it on, and a particular song started.
Blossom, she is commander and leader,
Bubbles, she is a joy and a laughter,
Buttercup, and she's the toughest fighter,
Powerpuffs save the day.
Fighting crime, trying to save the world,
Here they come just in time,
the Powerpuff Girls!
Fighting crime, trying to save the world,
Here they come just in time,
the Powerpuff Girls!
The entire studio went quiet when the song finished, everyone completely shock. "You heard it right, that was the PowerPuff Girl theme song. Our first three contestants are the girls from that song, The PowerPuff Girls!" I shouted, everything was still silent. I even thought I heard a cricket chirp, "You don't believe me, well come on in girls!" I said in a slightly depressed tone. The curtains opened a little to let three girls out, around my age(13).

A collective gasp came from the audience as the three floated above me, "And you didn't believe me." I said and crossed my arms and put on my best pout. "We're sorry" the audience said together, I beamed and chuckled. "Hello girls and thank for coming." I said, they landed beside me. "No problem, it's our pleasure." Blossom said and smiled. "But, wait you said three of your guest, who else is here?" Bubbles asked and clutched her stuffed octopus, I put on my biggest grin.

Then loud crashes came from behind the curtain and a few shouts from the stage hands, "Please everyone, Welcome the RowdyRuff Boys!" I shouted and every single girl(minus the Puffs and myself) squealed in utter delight. Then two boys walked out, I looked at them strange then sighed. "Where is Boomer?" I asked in a slightly irritated tone, while they both grinned and shrugged with one shoulder. Everyone then heard a muffled scream, "Whet did you do?" I said and crossed my arms and tapped my foot. "He was being stupid, and he's our brother, so we tied him to a light and ducked taped his mouth." Brick said, I stared at him with my mouth wide open. I growled, "Go get him, and if you cause anymore trouble I'll lock you both in rooms full of your fangirls." I said evilly. They both paled and shot backstage, leaving behind red and green streaks. I looked to the Puffs, who were completely white. I waved my hand in front of Blossom's face, nothing, I snapped my fingers, nothing, I clapped my hands really close to her face. She jumped back with her sister, "You had to bring those idiots!" Buttercup yelled at me, I shrugged. "I thought it would be fun." I said, and everyone heard a shout from backstage, then some foal language from who sounded like Boomer (Note: any cursing or swearing will be censored or completely cut out). Then the three boys came out, Boomer had red marks around his mouth and an angry expression plastered on his face.

"You okay Boomer" I asked, he glared at his brothers before huffing. "Okay, seems he needs time to recover... let's get started, so please take your seats." I said as they each walked to their colored seats. "Okay let me give everyone a run down of the show, you send in truths or dares, and our contestants have to do them or I get to torture them, not that you don't get to, you can make them do anything that is age appropriate for thirteen year olds, and remember to have fun with it, you can ask me to have guest come to do things for one episode (chapter), please refrain from inappropriate dares or truths, so get to sending." I said and took a deep breath. I glanced over at my guest, Blossom, Brick, Butch, and Buttercup were glaring at each other, Bubbles was hugging octi and swinging her legs, while Boomer kept mutter swears under his breath about his brothers.

If I was in an anime I would've sweat dropped at that, I cleared my throat to get their attention. "I think I'll give some truths to start the show off, any volunteers to get the first question?" I asked, and Bubble raised her hand. "Okay Bubbles, hmm... Do you and your sisters still share a bed?" I asked, and she nodded rapidly. "Okay, next?" said me and Blossom rose her hand, I thought a moment. "Do you still have a crush on Dexter?" I asked with a grin. I saw Brick start to pay close attention, and I chuckled slightly. Blossom blushed really deeply, "Well kind of, but he likes Olga." she said and apparently her lap became increasingly interesting to her.

I looked to Brick who was relaxed in his chair and was trying to look bored. "Buttercup you're next." I said and she went wide-eyed. "I didn't volunteer!" she shouted. "I know, but since your sisters have gone I thought you should go next." I said, and Butch and Brick chuckled and Boomer glared at them. I thought for moment, "Buttercup, do you still have your blankie?" I asked. She blushed a little, "No, the professor has it now." she said. I look to Blossom for confirmation, she nodded to me. "Okay..." I said and looked to Boomer, who is now getting on my nerves for looking so angry. I walked over to his chair and pulled a blue lollipop from my pocket and held it in front of his face, he looked at it then in my eyes. "You can have it if you stop hating everything and act normal, you're creeping me out being so mad." I said, he smiled at me and grabbed the sucker and stuck it in his mouth. "Hey don't we get anything?" Brick asked, I thought a moment.

I whistled up to Dee, who dropped a brown bag down. I opened it and came up to Brick and Butch, I shoved an apple into Bricks mouth and a stalk of celery into Butch's mouth. After realizing what they had they spit them out and started spitting to try to get rid of the taste, "That's disgusting!" they shouted in unison. Everyone cracked up, "What, they're good." I said and grabbed another apple and took a big bite.

I walked back to my spot and sat the bag down, "Boomer, have you ever wanted to be a hero instead of a villain?" I asked. He froze solid, his brother staring him down. I looked to Dee, who tossed me a water gun. I squirted Butch and Brick, they jumped back as if I shot bullets at them. "Well?" I asked Boomer. "Well, when I was, um, younger I thought it would be nice to be, uh... praised for once instead of shunned." he stuttered, everyone went silent for a moment. I smiled, "That's nice Boomer, Brick, Do you have a crush on Berserk?" I asked evilly. Brick flinched when I said her name(those who don't know, Berserk is the leader of the PowerPunk girls), then he growled at me. "No!" he barked at me, but his blush gave him away.

"Butch, have you had your first real kiss?" I asked, obviously knowing the answer. He blushed, "uh, yes." he muttered. "Who was it?" I questioned, his blush ever deepening. "Bu...t..p" he mumbled. "What?" I asked. "Butt...up" he mumbled louder. "I can't hear you!" I said. "I said Buttercup, alright, it was her!" he shouted at me, I looked to Buttercup. "I said real kiss, as in on the lips with both willing to do it." I said, both of them blushed deeply. "Is there something you two aren't telling us?" I asked, they both rapidly shook their heads. "Mhm, I'll investigate this more later then." I muttered, I turned to the audience and beamed. "Okay, let me go over the show once more." I shouted, getting some excited shouts from the audience. "Okay, you send in truths and dares(appropriate) for our guest to endure, you can ask for guest to come on and they can be from any show, anime, book, or your imagination(send a profile if it's your own character). You can also send me truths and dares if you like, you can send in multiple dares and truths, but remember to have fun with it!" I said to the audience and viewers.

I turned to my six guest. "You six will be staying here in separate rooms, so no causing trouble, no shouting after nine, and no sneaking out of your room for any other reason other than for me." I explained. "Understand?" I asked, they nodded and muttered stuff under their breathe. "Okay Everyone, thanks for coming and I hope to see you next time!" I shouted and ran off stage, I heard Dee let out a loud howl. "This has been Truth, Dare, or Torture!" He shouted, and the crowd erupted into applause. I entered my dressing room and took off my headpiece, and flopped down in my chair. I let out a deep sigh of relief, and a loud knock at my door made me fall. I growl, "What!?" I shouted. My producer walked in, "I have something you might want to take a look at." he said. I got up a followed him down the hall to the video surveillance room, "What exactly is it?" I asked. He pointed to a screen where Brick and Butch were in the hall outside their rooms talking, I turned the volume up.

"When are you gonna do it?" Butch asked, and Brick grinned. "The beginning of the next show, I'm sure our little host won't know what hit her." he said with a slight chuckle. They both grinned before entering their rooms, I rose an eyebrow in slight confusion. "I think their planning a prank or somethin'" Dee said as he entered, I nodded slowly. "Keep an eye out for anything that could harm me or anyone else, but if it seems harmless leave it alone, am I understood?" I said to my, now gathered crew, who saluted. Yep, if I was in an anime there would be sweat drops everywhere! I went back to my room to find Bubbles waiting for me, a slight scared look on her face. "You okay, Bubbles?" I asked, she looked at me with a big smile. "I just wanted to know if you had a night light I could borrow." she said sweetly, I chuckled slightly. I grabbed my walkie(don't ask where I got it from, just imagine I have bottomless pockets or something) and tuned it, "Someone get Bubbles a nightlight." I said and got a few answers back. "Just go to your room and someone will have one for you." I said, and she skipped down the hall. I entered my room, "This is going to be a long season." I said and fell onto my couch and tried to dose off.

Please send in Truths and Dares Please, and make them challenging. Thank you, I can't wait to hear from you guys!


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