Real cool...

Chapter 1

Really??? Are you kidding me???

So I've been talking with my school counslar a little more. I was actually starting to trust her. But, as usual, I can't trust anyone so she's say that if I don't tell her every single thing within two weeks then she will tell everyone else for me.

I'm not in any sort of danger. I've actaully been doing really good at not cutting this week. Nor have I even had the thought about ending my life.

I haven't told her much about my $xual abuse but she's also threatening to tell my therapist about that to which means it could get reported which is a HUGE no-no.

At least she doesn't know who it was that $xually abused me.

God... this is why I don't f#!?ing trust people. Because the minute you tell them something they feel that they have to go tell someone else. I'm thinking that there are people on here doing that as well.

Here's the deal:

Unless you are Sammylovesyoulots the likelyhood is is that I won't tell you anything and if you ask I'm going to yell at you. Don't test me. I know you care but you're probably going to go tell someone else. I'm starting to get sick of the phrase 'trust me'... because 90% of the people I know don't mean it and don't take trust very seriously.

So form this point forward, unless you are Sammylovesyoulots I am not confiding to you with anything. And I mean nothing. If I don't want to talk about my day you're not going to hear about it. And PLEASE stop pushing me to talk about my $xual abuse. Please. I'm really starting to get mad right now.

How about this?

If you keep bugging me, I'm going to defriend you and block you. Then if you decide to comment on my stories or profile wall I'm going to click the 'report' botton a thosand times over.

I've had it up to here and I'm no longer taking it.

Got it?

PS. I mat be gone all day towmorrow due to the fact that I'll be at a wedding and I have huge responsibilites at that wedding. I may acess Quibblo from my phone but if I do not, don't worry about me. I'm fine and nothing will happen to me towmorrow. If something is about to happen I will notify you. If I can trust you that is...


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