I Have Successfully Finished The 30 Day BOTDF Challange!  c:

I Have Successfully Finished The 30 Day BOTDF Challange! c:

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Chapter 1


30 days of BOTDF!

Day 1 - Favorite BOTDF-member - Ummm, I love them both !! But if I had to choose it would be Jayy Von Monroe ^-^=

Day 2 - First BOTDF song you ever heard - Bewitched and later that night I watched the video clip, and cried at the end. And then watched it 100 times over and over!! :D

Day 3 - Favorite song from “Let's Start A Riot” - Money and Hoe’s

Day 4 - Favorite song from “It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone World” - S my D

Day 5 - Favorite song from “I Scream I Scream” - Suicide club

Day 6 - Favorite song from “OMFG Sneak Peek” - Well suck me!

Day 7 - Favorite Song from "Epic" - you done goofed

Day 8 - Something you love about Dahvie - That he has inspired lots of people through their music! Giving fans a spirit and hope, make the band a fan band and he truly decades all his songs to his SGTC!!

Day 9 - Something you love about Jayy - Jayy Von Monroe is the sexiest man alive ^-^ but seriously he is committed to fans and he had a rough childhood so he helps everyone to get the rough through their music ! c:

Day 10 - Favorite song from "All The Rage" - Nirvana or Yo Ho ! C: I can’t decide :/

Day 11- Favorite music video - Bewitched or Believe I can’t deiced :’/ so far, I know there is another vidoe's coming out, so this is so far :3

Day 12 - Favorite BOTDF YouTube video - When Dahvie prank calls a cleaner saying there is sh(i)t on the walls ! you gonna help me man, it’s on the ceiling. LOL xD I love you Dahvie <3

Day 13 - Favorite Dahvie picture


Day 14 - Favorite Jayy picture


Day 15 - Favorite song from "(R)Evolution - Frankenstein + the Bride (feat. Haley Rose)

Day 16 - Favorite BOTDF video that you have memorized – the one with dahvie prank calling a plummer ahah xD

Day 17 - Favorite BOTDF lyric

A pirate walks into bar, the bartender asks “what’s with the steering wheel in your pants?” the pirate says” ARR it’s driving me nut! - Yo Ho

Day 18 - Favorite cover of a non-BOTDF song - Beat it – Michael Jackson

Day 19 - Your favorite song that doesn’t have a video - Yo Ho!

Day 20 - One BOTDF song that you could listen to forever - Bewitched

Day 21 - Number of concerts you have been too - zero D’’’:

Day 22 - Favorite BOTDF album - So Far…. Probably Evolution

Day 23 - Number of BOTDF songs you have on your iPod/mp3player - 102 songs (so far)

Day 24 - When you became a BOTDF fan - March 2010

Day 25 - Number of posters you have on your wall – None :C

Day 26 - Your least favorite BOTDF song – Fallen Star

Day 27 - Your favorite live BOTDF song – of what I have seen on YouTube… Sexting

Day 28 - Your favorite unreleased BOTDF song – the calling

Day 29 - A BOTDF song that makes you sad – you done goofed.

Day 30 - A BOTDF song that makes you happy - Nirvana <3 !!!!!!


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