Invitation Whores

Read it, read it with your unique and special eyes.

Chapter 1


Okay, first off... I'm back, Brosephs. I'M BACK! And yes, this is how my first post in a long time is gonna work out. I'm going to tell you about something I can't stand. INVITATION WHORES! So, you know when you get a quiz/story invite from someone and it says "don't read" or "you don't have to read if you don't want to" or it just doesn't look important? And so.... you delete it. Then like.... five fvcking minutes later you nbox is filled to the fvcking brim with that....... Same. Freaking. Invite. And so now you're like "Holy shit! This must be important!" And you click and all that stuff. And wait... here comes the best part..... IT'S NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT IMPORTANT! So, yeah. That pisses me off. And I get that they want people to read it. But please, don't go overboard.

This has been an unimportant rant by Daniella.


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