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May contain a bit of swearing because I was really mad when I wrote this... NO IT CONTAINS SWEARING BECAUSE I F'N WANT IT TO!!

Chapter 1

Hello guys

by: Kcool
I had to change my first phone number because I gave it to this girl at school who sends a bunch of that stuid things called "Chain letters". And you can't imagine how much that angered me. Every morning, I woke up feeling popular with about 8 text messages... then I'd check... chainletterchainletterchainletterchainletterchainletterchainletterchainletter... Mommy loves you!
Then I'd be like wtf? and I'd loose faith in humanity(which I've never had).

So then I changed my number. But this particular morning, I woke up at the wonderful hour of 5 AM with a text message alert... YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST DAY IN YOUR LIFE... Of course, I called the person back, surprised at what kind of idiot wakes up at 5 AM on a no school day... So yeah, at least my mum is lucky I didn't decide to smash my phone against the wall instead.

So please, all of you who send chain letetrs, do humanity a favour... AND FVCKING STOP THAT! It's on quibblo, it's on FaceBook,it's on text, email and soon will be on TV -.- Seriously, chain letters can't get more obnoxious..."Send to five people or else Jason from Friday 13 will appear in your house tonight" Guess who's having a sleep over tonight???

Yes... um Chain letters are almost as annoying as likewh0res, but at least those stay on FaceBook, they haven't reached Quibblo... Also happens with my comment box... how do you think I feel when I see a new comment on my profile? Then I see it's a chain letter... Then if you were the one who sent it, expect me with a chainSAW in yoru house tonightNo, not for a sleepover

And chain letters are so fake! How can you people believe them?"If you don't send this to 600 people in 6 hours, your mum will turn to a dinosaur" Yeah someday someone will make one like that, and I bet a lot of teenagers wil be sending around this message claiming that if you don't resend that your mum will turn to a dino. Anyways, who wouldn't like to have a dino-mum? I mean, we already have teens, so why not dinosaurs?

SO yes, I hope I've educated in some way those of you who send chain letters, next time you'll send one think of the person who's day you will ruin by waking them up at 5 AM(thank you very much, person who did that to me). I'm now done ranting. Have a nice day!


But before I go, I have to spam this story with a bunch of thinga-majingas(that's how my english teacher calls them XD)


Okno bye...

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