Make it Stop (Hogwarts Story) [read intro please]

This story is named after the song: Make it stop (September's children) by Rise Against.
I wanted to write a hogwarts story but also a suicide awareness i combined the two.
I wont be following the Harry Potter Story line that much because obviously there was no suicides in HP and it'd be a little hard to fit around the main story...

Ok so this is rated: T to M for Suicide, adult language, and minor to severe violence.
Hope you like the story
~Julz Freakin' Norris!~

Chapter 1


Here in the wizarding world people dont tend to think of suicide. Why would they? We can have nearly everything we want with the flick of a wand...but it happens.
Suicide affects us to.
Wizards and Witches get depressed, have troubled lives, and some just cant take it anymore. I know-I'm one of them.
My name is Rose Kimberly Woods and this is my Suicide.

~Julz Freakin' Norris!~

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