They Don't Know About Us (One Direction Fanfic)

It's another new school for Lux Atkin and Maizy Rivera, it seems there is no escaping the fame of their uncles Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. That is until Viva Vallum, the girls' English teacher steps into their life, offering normalcy in the way she completely disregaurds the fame of Harry and the boys. This is a breath of fresh air for them all and exactly what Harry wants, instantly making him determined to capture Viva's heart.

Chapter 3

Gina and Theo

Viva locked her car as she walked up the walk and then the stairs to her small little house, a paper brown bag filled with groceries held in her arm and her school bag hung on her shoulder along with her purse, she pulled out her keys to unlock the door and fumbled to find the correct one. She just found the right one when she dropped the keys and cursed loudly.

Today was just not her day, of course she didn't believe that in a 'everything sucks' way, but rather in the way that everything just seemed so surreal. Especially the part of the day where Harry Styles had come into her life and openly fell for her.

"No need to fuss," says a petite woman who opens the front door, a white apron hangs around her neck and has fresh pasta smeared on it as strands of her blonde hair escaped her ponytail.

"Oh, Gina, I didn't know you were here tonight," Viva says as she manages to pick her keys up and hands the groceries to the woman.

"Theo said you had a tough time with some new students, so I thought we'd come over and cook for you," the woman smiles and leads them into the kitchen where the flamehaired teenager is busily mixing a salad.

"Hey Viva," Theo smiles, "we're making lasagna and salad! Well, I am. Mum's making a mess."

"She's lucky she has us then, right? 'Cause, I was the one that cooked for us back in college," Viva laughs.

"And I'm the one cooking for her now," Theo laughs and Gina rolls her eyes.

"I can cook!" Theo's mother says, "I make the best cereal and toast, don't I?"

"There's the time you burnt my toast," Theo smirks.

"And the time you gave me cereal with old milk in it," Viva grins.

"There's no pleasing you two, is there," Gina sighs with a smile.

"Nope!" Viva says and starts putting the groceries away, then helps finish dinner. They eat until their too full to take another bite of lasagna and settle into the couches in the entertainment room as they watch a movie about zombies.

Theo, being the movie enthusiast that he is, provided commentary on the actors, the CGI animation, and compared the movie to others until he fell asleep, sprawled out on the couch with his mouth wide open.

"Oh that silly boy," Viva giggles as Gina pulls a blanket over her son and flattens his spiky redhair down.

"It's so hard to believe that soon he'll be off to Uni," Gina sighs, "I still think he's that ten year old boy asking if you'll marry him."

"To think I'm engaged to a boy half my age," Viva laughs.

"Oh don't say that, it'll only encourage him," Gina groans as she sits next to her friend, "I walked in on him doing... well, you know.... giving his willy a good tug."

"No way!" the young teacher gasps as her friend nods.

"His face was as red as his hair for an entire week and a half, especially since he was doing it to a picture of you."

"Okay, that's something I needn't know," she shivers and her friend laughs.

"Trust me. I'd prefer if I didn't even know."

"Well, I... um, I don't know what to say, I mean, he's practically my own son."

"I know," the older of the two women says and they sit in silence watching the boy softly snore in his sleep.

"Did you ever try to tell his father about him?" Viva suddenly asks and Gina sighs.

"No. I've wanted to, but it's probably best for every one that he doesn't know, besides, he probably doesn't remember me. It was only a one night stand, remember?"

"Does Theo at least know his dad is-"

"No. I'm scared he'll want to meet him and then leave me."

"Gina, Theo would never do that to you. He's a good kid, he loves you so much and you've given him so much, but he deserves to know. What have you told him about his dad?"

"Nothing much, I get too teary when I bring his father up," Gina says, and even the thought alone pricks her eyes with tears.

"Oh Gina," Viva sighs and pulls her friend into a hug.

"So tell me, is Theo lying when he says that the two new students at your school know Harry Styles and Zayn Malik?"

"Nope. It's the truth," Viva sighs, "I even got to meet the two gaurdians."

"Oh really?" her friend asks, instantly curious, "what happened?"

"Harry Styles asked me out on a date," she answers.

"Really? No way! Where's he taking you? What day? What time? What're you wearing?" Gina is on a roll asking questions and finally Viva has to place a hand over her friend's mouth.

"I turned him down," she finally manages to say.

"Are you crazy?!"

"I'm just not interested," Viva shrugs.

"You could've pretended to be and got a great dinner out of it," Gina sighs.

"Gina, I'm not going to use Harry Styles even for just one night. It would be bad for my relationship to the girls, Lux and Maizy, and what about the publicity? I don't need that. I like living a normal life," she says.

"They'll leave you alone after a while."

"But Harry won't. It seemed he couldn't stop himself from blurting things out, and he was quite persistent."

"He's finally falling in love with you," Gina smiles.

"What do you mean 'finally'?"

"Third times the charm, isn't it?"

"Oh gosh, he probably doesn't even remember he saved Vidonia," Viva tells her.

"How is Vida?"

"She's fine. In her final year of secondary school."

"Oh that's good.... Why couldn't Theo have chosen to like her? At least their the same age! You know what? I blame Viva's Sister Syndrome."

"Viva's Sister Syndrome?" Viva asks.

"Every one thinks of her as 'Viva's little sister' hardly ever as Vidonia or Vida because all they see is you. You know that Viva," Gina states, "and now my poor son suffers from it."

"I didn't ask for people to remember me so great. I don't want Vida to grow up in my shadow," Viva frets, "yet she is and will so long as she stays in our hometown."

"Bring her here," Gina shrugs.

"I think I will," Viva says, "she can have a fresh start. I'll ask her to come over during the holidays."

"That's good," Gina smiles as she curls up on the couch, "now, let's catch some sleep, I have to open up shop tomorrow."

"How is the little old flower shop?" Viva asks.

"Good. We have a wedding to plan for. Want to come over after school akd help make arrangements? You know Erick won't mind," she says with a wink.

"Oh gosh, no," Viva blushes.

"Why not? He really likes you!"

"Exactly. I think I'll just stop by for a bit," Viva says. "Good night Gina, you guys can always sleep in the guest room, ya know?"

"I know, but Theo's already crashed out and I'm too lazy to get up. Good night kid," Gina yawns and closes her eyes. Viva smiles and pulls a blanket over her friend.

At the age of thirty-four, Gina had blonde hair, a petite build, fair skin, and dazzling blue eyes that had always captivated Viva who wished her dark brown eyes were a pretty color like that. Gina on the other hand wished her stick straight hair was as wild and thick as Viva's raven black mane. To say the least the girls were as similar to each other as Maizy and Lux were.

Viva made her way to her bedroom and flopped onto the queen size mattress, her back ached in a pleasant way as today was exhausting. She kicked off her pants and pulled her shirt off, choosing to sleep in only her bra and underwear since her pajamas were neatly folded away in a drawer and she was already laying down.

She curled under the thick blanket and closed her eyes, fast asleep in mere seconds. Dreaming of a boy with the most beautiful emerald green eyes and curly hair lost to her and the rest of society to a man with those same eyes and hair, but with more tattoos inked into his fair skin and more women proudly declaring they've slept with him at a party.

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