They Don't Know About Us (One Direction Fanfic)

It's another new school for Lux Atkin and Maizy Rivera, it seems there is no escaping the fame of their uncles Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. That is until Viva Vallum, the girls' English teacher steps into their life, offering normalcy in the way she completely disregaurds the fame of Harry and the boys. This is a breath of fresh air for them all and exactly what Harry wants, instantly making him determined to capture Viva's heart.

Chapter 2

Blurtily in Love

Zayn licked his lips nervously and drummed his fingers along the steering wheel of the blue luxery car.

"Hey man, slow down," Harry tells his old friend who checks the speedometer and realizes he is going over the speed limit by thirty miles an hour, "it's okay, the girls probably had a great day," Harry assured his old friend, "you didn't get a phone call after all."

"I know, but it's a new school," he says and turns to the man in the passenger seat.

"How about we go out tonight," Harry suggests, but only recieves a shrug in reply.

Years have passed since their years of first being in the boy band, One Direction, but even at the age of thirty-one, Harry still had those bright green eyes and curly brown hair, and still had that cheeky air and party boy persona. The only difference was he towered over every one else at nearly six and a half feet and had two full sleeves of tattoos, often the two men joked about competing for having the most tattoos as Zayn's skin was inked with many tattoos as well. But despite Harry's indulgence in the fast lane, he also spent just as much time tending to his god-daughter, who had grown up like children do and was currently sixteen years old, the same age as Zayn's niece.

"Easy it goes," Harry smiles as he takes a sip of his coffee and neatly aligns his bracelets on his wrist, "I'm sure Lux and Maizy had a lovely time."

"What time is it?" Zayn asks.

"Five fourty," Harry answers and moves to turn the radio up when he sinks into the back of the seat as Zayn speeds up once more.

"We're late!" Zayn complains and hurries the last few blocks to the high school. Slowing and pulling to a stop at the front of the school where two girls, as different as day and night come rushing out of the front door.

The taller one has fair skin and long blonde hair, a silver dress reaches mid thigh and a thick black belt wraps around her waist and black ballet flats cover her feet.

Meanwhile the shorter girl has olive skin and curly raven hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wears an open blue and black plaid shirt with a black tank top underneath, ripped jeans cover her long legs, and dirty but trusty blue Converse are tied on her geet.

"Drive, drive, drive!" The girls shout as they get into the car

"What's wrong girls?" Zayn asks in confusion.

"No time, Uncle, just go!" his niece urges and pats his shoulder impatiently.

"Maizy, something's wrong, I want to know," he says, trying to keep his cool and calm demeanor.

"Woah, what a babe," Harry whistles as he stares out the window.

"Harry, she's probably in high school still," Zayn says absentmindedly as he turns to look at his niece and Harry's god-daughter.

"Uncle Harry!" Lux complains, "she is so not a babe!"

"Speak for yourself," Harry says, "right Zayn?"

"What?" the olive skinned man asks and looks over to see a woman in her mid to late twenties walking towards them.

"Let's go Uncle!" Maizy urges.

"Maizy," Zayn says tiredly, "what happened?"

"Nothing!" Maizy insists.

"Maizy," Zayn warns.

"We might have accidentally super glued that woman's purse to her desk," Lux finally conceeds and Maizy shoots her a glare.

"Maizy Julian Rivera," Zayn scolds, but doesn't have time to continue as the car window is tapped upon by the woman they noticed had been coming their way.

Harry rolls down the window with ease, but then Zayn noticed Harry's body go rigged and that's when the curly haired man blurted out, "I love you," then looks forward suddenly and bites his lip, "sorry. It slipped out," and facepalms himself.

"You two must be the gaurdians of Lux and Maizy," the woman says, ignoring Harry, though the flush of her cheeks made it clear she had heard him.

"Yes, we were just told the girls had been misbehaving," Zayn says.

"Would you mind coming into my class for a bit?" She asks.

"I'd come anywhere for you," Harry blurts and turns really red, "I am so sorry... that came out wrong," Zayn rolls his eyes and glances to his friend as they unbuckle, roll the window up and they all get out of the vehicle, following the young woman into the school building.

The way Harry kept pace with her and stumbled over his words should have been a clear indication that he was a goner, as he was always the smooth one of the five One Direction band members when it came to women.

"So, as you know, it's only their first day of school," the woman says as they all sit at a table, "but even still, they seem to take a great dislike to any one who shows an interest in them."

"Well, Ms.- erm, sorry I hadn't caught your name," Zayn says.

"Ms. Vallum," she says and they quickly shake hands.

"Well, Ms. Vallum, I'm sorry, but you see the girls have had to transfer from school to school because of the way people treated them once they found out that Harry and I are... Well... we're," he stumbles, trying not to sound egotistical.

"Famous?" Ms. Vallum finishes with a shrug.

"Yes," Zayn nods, he hadn't been sure she had known that Harry and himself were famous from how she has handled this situation so calmly, "and well, they've grown to prefer to stick to themselves for that reason."

"Perfectly understandable, but I have more a problem with the fact that they glued my purse to my desk after I had asked them to get a paper signed by their gaurdians for me."

"She wanted your autographs as soon as she figured our relation to you!" Lux said with a huff.

"I could give you more than just an autograph," Harry says, the words coming out before he could stop himself, but Viva Vallum ignores him.

"I had asked for them to get me their parent or gaurdian's autograph on a paper for permission to attend a fieldtrip we'll be taking in a week and a half. They obviously stopped listening after 'autograph'," Ms. Vallum says and Harry and Zayn turn to see Lux and Maizy blushing in embarassment.

"I believe we owe you an apology," Maizy says.

"Really sorry," Lux agrees.

"I forgive you. The strain of fame causes one to become quite gaurded. I believe I could fully forgive if you could get my purse unstuck. That Coach purse isn't cheap you know."

"I know," Lux says, and she did, as they both get up and get to attempting to unsticking the purse without too much damage.

"We're so sorry Ms. Vallum, if there is anything we could do to-"

"Will you go on a date with me?" Harry asks suddenly cutting off Zayn.

"Pardon?" The young teacher blushes.

"I-I'm sorry, but I would really enjoy having dinner with you sometime," he tells her truthfully.

"I'm sorry, but no, I can't," she says.

"Are you taken by someone already?" Harry asks, for some strange reason, he was desperate to take her out. It probably had to do with the fact that she was able to turn him to a wobbly kneed, stuttering fool with a flutter of an eyelash.

"Harry," Zayn scolds, "she said no, leave it alone."

"I just want to know why," Harry says.

"Well, I'm single, but I prefer not to let my personal life become entangled with my work life," she tells Harry.

"But I'm Ha-"

"I also have this thing about not dating celebrities," she says, and Lux and Maizy giggle, earning them a glare from Harry.

"Was I just friend zoned?" Harry asks.

"Try aquaintance zoned," she tells him as the girls hand her her purse, in almost perfect condition, "thank you."

"No, thank you for not hooking up with my god-father," Lux says.

"We were wrong about you," Maizy says with an approving nod before they walk out the door.

"Well, I think we ought to get going. Come along Harry," Zayn says and nods to Ms. Vallum.

"Bye Ms. Vallum," Harry says.

"Bye Mr. Styles," she tells him as Zayn shakes her hand and bids her farewell, which is returned just before he walks out.

"Are you sure about that date?" Harry asks.

"I'm sure," she nods as he stands up.

"I know this great restraunt though," he says.

"Come on Uncle Harry," Lux says as she pokes her head in the door.

"Ok, ok," he sighs before turning to the teacher, "are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm very sure," she can't help but laugh.

"I'll wait for you!" He says with a boyish grin as she pushes him out the door.

"Good bye Mr. Styles," she sighs and fights him to shut the door.

"I love you!" He says before allowing her to shut the door, chuckling as he hears her sigh in relief on the other side of the door. He smiles as he walks down the hall and out to the car where Zayn, Maizy, and Lux are waiting for him.

"She wants me," he tells them as he get's in the car and buckles up just as Zayn sets the car in motion.

"Okay," was all Zayn could say as he chuckled and drove them back to Harry's flat.

"Well maybe not now, but I promise she will," Harry says determined as he thought of the young teacher.

"Uncle, you're so embarassing," Lux sighs and that makes him smile.

Harry wasn't sure, but something about Ms. Vallum made him instantly want her. He believed it was the moment he rolled down the window and her scent caught him. She smelled like the bakery in Cheshire he had worked in before the X-Factor. She smelled like life before fame. And lately Harry missed not being famous, because he knew the stress it has put Lux through, even more since the day a lawyer showed up on his doorstep and told him he was now the sole gaurdian of Lux Atkin. The paparazzi especially loved depicting Harry as an out of control man and he hated for Lux to have to be surrounded by kids who thought ill of her upbringing by him.

Yes, Harry missed not being famous a lot currently, though it certainly had it's perks and gave him his four best friends, but as of late, the cons of fame were horrid and he wanted an escape to normality and Ms. Vallum seemed to be the closest thing to not famous he would ever get.

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