They Don't Know About Us (One Direction Fanfic)

It's another new school for Lux Atkin and Maizy Rivera, it seems there is no escaping the fame of their uncles Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. That is until Viva Vallum, the girls' English teacher steps into their life, offering normalcy in the way she completely disregaurds the fame of Harry and the boys. This is a breath of fresh air for them all and exactly what Harry wants, instantly making him determined to capture Viva's heart.

Chapter 1

Introduction (Trouble is Brewing.)

Sitting at her desk, Viva Vallum quietly read student essays, marking mistakes with her red pen as her class quietly read books and listened to the lastest music from a folk band she had discovered in her college days, which had ended four years ago having finally earned her master's in education and English at the young age of twenty-two years old. What could she say? She was a child genius who graduated secondary school at sixteen years old.

Slowly the door of her classroom opened and in walked three kids. Theo, the boy was in his last year of schooling and Viva knew she would miss the sight of his red hair flashing in and out of the crowds in the hallway when he would graduate and leave for college or whatever he chose to do in life, but it consoled her that at least he would still be around, as he was her best friend's son and almost seemed like her's too.

Beside Theo was two girls. A blonde and a raven-haired girl. They held hands and simply focused on her desk, rather than looking around the classroom and at any one as many curious new students do. They appeared to be here on a mission.

"Ms. Vallum, this is Lux Atkin and Maizy Rivera, they just transferred here from St. Lucas Secondary," Theo says with a happy smile. He had grown to the custom of having to call her Ms. Vallum in school and Viva outside of it, thouh there were times he would forget himself and blurt out Viva in class or raise his hand and ask, "Ms. Vallum," at home.

"Hello, I'm Ms. Vallum, I teach English, creative writing, and also help direct the choir and drama club," the woman introduces and holds a hand out to the girls.

"I'm Lux," the blonde says as she smooths out her silver sequined dress, "and this is my best friend, Maizy."

"Nice to meet you," the curly raven-haired girl nods and shakes Viva's hand, who notices a bracelet she wears that has the emblem of an old band

"Oh! Do you like One Direction?" Viva asks, and the two girls smile for the first time since entering.

"That would be an understatement," Maizy says.

"We grew up with their music," Lux says proudly.

"Really? That's great! I enjoy their music too, but I admit, I'm a bigger fan of Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, the Avett Brothers, more folk influenced music," Viva admits freely, believing she was talking with fellow music enthusiasts.

"What do you mean? One Direction is the best!" Lux says.

"I'll place a vote for Ed Sheeran," Theo says and the two girls shrug.

"Ed is second best as a musician," Lux states.

"Lux, it's only their opinion," Maizy tries to reason.

"Well, Uncles Harry and Zayn will be happy when they hear that at least I stood up for them," Lux huffs and Maizy rolls her eyes.

"Uncle... Oh my, I've insulted you, haven't I Lux, I apologize darling," Viva tells the blonde, "I had no idea you were Harry's god-daughter."

"Don't tell the whole world," Lux hisses.

"Sorry, dear," Viva shifts uncomfortable and a small awkward silence enwraps them in a hug, and she remembers the field trip slips for students to go on a trip to go to the museum of literature and art, she hands it to them, "well, um, could you get your parent or gaurdian's autograph to attend this field trip. It would be nice to have you girls come along." Believing the pun about autographs would be a tad humorous.

But instead of patching things over, Lux and Maizy both glared at her and turned on their heels and moved to find a seat in the classroom.

"Oh my, they don't like me. Do they?" Viva sighs.

"I-I... No... but how did you even piece together so quickly Lux was, well, erm, you-know-who's you-know-what?" Theo asks hushedly. Viva's initial reply would have been a sarcastic 'Voldemort's horcrux?!' but she bit her lip as now wasn't the time to have a Harry Potter themed conversation with Theo.

"Just because One Direction isn't my favorite band these days, back when I was just a couple years younger than you, they were the greatest thing ever. I was what you would call a Directioner," Viva admits, "with a soft spot for Lux's blasted god-father."

"Do you still like him?" Theo asks and Viva smiles.

"You make is sound like I know him personally," she says and he smiles as he takes a seat beside her desk.

"But you've met him before, right?"

"Yes. Twice, but nothing ever became of it, obviously. I was just a silly little girl then, dear. I've grown up, and celebrities just aren't my pace any more."

"Ms. Vallum, you're only twenty-six years old!" Theo says.

"Yes, with a master's degree in education and English, a bachelor's in art and music appreciation, and teaching at England's most prestigious school," Viva says.

"You make me feel stupid for not being able to graduate at sixteen," Theo grunts.

"Try being my poor younger sister," I tell him, "even today she still rants to me about the latest 'Vallum sister comparison' that took place." They both smile as Theo had been over for dinner with his mother and had met Viva's younger sister, Vidonia, a couple times when she would come over for the holidays.

"Do you..." Theo starts, his voice barely audible to her, "do you think that maybe... if Harry Styles met you, he'd fall in love?"

"No," Viva laughs, "why now? It hadn't worked years ago."

"Well now you're successful and super smart, and... and very pretty," Theo says in his hushed voice still with his cheeks blushing a tad.

"I still wouldn't date him," Viva says flatly, and she knew from the bottom of her heart that she wouldn't. But what were the odds of him falling for her? And aside from that, their first meeting would probably have to wait until five months from now, for the next open house night.

But from the mischievous gleam in Lux and Maizy's eyes, she should have known better than to believe her meeting with Harry Styles wouldn't be able to wait five more months.

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