The Girl With A Missing Smile (Clove's POV/ her childhood)

The Girl With A Missing Smile (Clove's POV/ her childhood)

So this is clove's childhood before the games in her point of veiw. This is before the hunger games, i may or may not get into that with this story. And as to when and if Cato comes into this. Well you'll have to wait and see ;) please comment!!!!!

Chapter 1


by: clove774
My name is Clove Greystone, and I am a monster. But i wasn't always this way. The story of my life is somewhat sad, and always painfull to think about. Most people just look at me with my scowl and my knives and accept that as all I am, they don't ever seem to care what's underneith. So I'm here to tell you the story of my childhood.

I might as well start at the beginning, the day i was born.

My full name is Clove Frost Greystone, or at least thats what it says on my birth certificate. I was born in my house on a cold December day in the middle of a blizzard into a family consisting of my father, mother, and big sister,Stacey. I also had a good sized extended family, a grandmother, uncles ,aunts , and cousins. My mom says that my middle name is because when i was born my face seemed as fresh as frost on the winter ground. When I look back on it now all I wish i could do is go back and warn my baby self, laying asleep in a crib, about the pain that was to come. District 2 you see, kids never stay sweet and innocent, for long.

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